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  • Hi everyone, hoping I can get a bit of help with using thumbnails. Here’s a brief outline of the problem I’m having. Each post in our system needs to have an image associated with it – at the moment, we use a function that searches for the first image in the post, grabs the URL and resizes it using a PHP script. Therefore, you end up with an <img src="getimage.php?url=...&w=100&h=100"/> that just resizes a URL. These images aren’t in the Media Library.

    However, if the post is given a thumb attribute manually, then our template shows this instead and uses CSS to make it the correct size. Which works fine. However, for our users, is there any simple plugin that allows users to upload an image, crop it as they wish (using an interface) and then sets the thumb attribute of the image to that post.

    Hopefully I’ve explained myself well enough, but please do ask questions because ours is a slightly unusual and modified setup!

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  • Timthumb does this if the image is on your own domain and dont have strange symbols in the filenamne. But I would like a script that can show images from remote locations.

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