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    I’m new to WordPress and has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining a small site.

    After look through the site I noticed a lot of image files that were corrupt so I went trough all the image files and deleted all that was corrupt or wasn’t linked to. Including the .thumbs folder in /wp-content/upload/

    It appears I’ve broken something by doing this. The thumbnails on the site are not shown, or partially or as corrupted images.

    Even uploading my old backup to the site via FTP doesn’t help.
    I tried re-creating the thumbnails manually and upload them but to no avail.

    In WordPress I can edit my posts that has pictures but the thumbnails are not shown here either even though the files exists.

    It appears the creator of the site must have used the upload utility to upload the files since they are all in the /wp-content/uploads folder but the uploaded images are not shown in the Gallery feature – I suspect they should since it doesn’t work.

    I’m not sure how the imagery work in WordPress wether or not thumbnails are automatically created or auto-generated when uploaded or how the .thumbs folder is handled but it’s not like the old days where you would just link to a file on the server.

    In short I actually just have some pictures I want on the site and I’ve uploaded them via FTP. It shouldn’t be that hard but for some reason I can’t figure WordPress out. I hope there’s someone in here that can help me.

    Thank you 🙂

    I don’t know how to see what WP version I’m using but I think I saw something with 2.6 or something like that somewhere. I plan to upgrade it as soon as I get this picture thing working.

    Also, I’m not running any plugins.

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    1. Find out exactly what version of WordPress you are using.

    2. Never delete images from the uploads folder using FTP.

    3. You will now have to “delete” the missing images and re-upload then via WordPress.

    1. Ok, I google how to find what version I had and found out I have 2.6.3.

    2. I think I’ll remember that after this experience 🙂

    3. Ok, I thought as much.

    So about the thumbnails. Are they then generated or are the pictures’ size just manipulated in the posts based on the dimensions you provide or how does it work?

    Thanks for the quick reply!



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    How do you know for sure that you are using WordPress 2.6.3? That information is in your Dashboard – not in Google.

    You set the image dimensions via the image sizes configured in your Settings and your choice of size when inserting an image.

    I searched via Google for answers to where you find out what version you have … like you said it’s in the dashboard. As I told you I’m new to this so I’m not that familiar with Word Press.

    The upload picture function is a bit weird to me. It certainly could use some interface readjustments but then again I’m using an old version 😉 so maybe it’s changed already 🙂

    It appears that after uploading the new pictures they get assigned to where I choose to upload them – I don’t think the “old” configuration was like that but I decided to find all the pages where I had pictures and upload them so they would fit to the page where it’s used.

    When inserting the pictures it did something different than how the previous site was configured. It simply added [Gallery]. I didn’t see if I could add the thumbnail alone since it worked out alright. The look on the site is a bit differeret from before though and it dawned on me that the picture I uploaded was created 3 times during upload depending on the settings on the site where the 3 sizes of the uploaded pictures can be assigned. I thought this was a bit lame. Since the size of my pictures could have been all kinds of different – deciding that a “thumbnail” should be 96×96 no-matter how big the original is seems odd.

    Anyway. I’m sure everything is just non-logical when you’re used to uploading a file called 1.jpg and make an ahref to 1.jpg 🙂

    Again. Thank you for your help and quick reply. I’m sure I’ll get to know Word Press better in the future as I intend to upgrade the site due to safety reasons.



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    I’m using an old version

    That’s putting it mildly! As you have such an old version of WordPress, you will need to carry out a series of smaller manual upgrades (see Upgrading_WordPress_Extended for the full details) but, it would really be worth it. WordPress 3.5.1 is chock full of new features & functionality – all of it documented here. Your life will be so much easier longer term.

    Plus, running an older version of WP puts the site at greater risk of being hacked. About the only thing protecting at the moment is that, it’s so old, even the mainstream hackers can’t be bothered with it. But all it takes is one script kiddie + a copy of some WP 2.6 hacks and you have one big problem.

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