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    The thumbnail sizing issue still does not work per your reply below from my previous inquiry. My designer I added that to the theme CSS and it didn’t seem to work she said. Still trying to adjust the size of the individual page thumbnails.

    “I’m sorry about this…there ended up being some changes to the CSS that will be more helpful in the long run, but I knew it would change things for some people.
    What you need to do is add rules like this to your theme stylesheet:
    For the list:
    #content pdb.list .image-field-wrap img {
    height: 100px;
    For the single record:
    #content .pdb-single .image-field-wrap img {
    height: 300px;
    You see that what I did was make it so that the CSS class has is related to the shortcode that was used. The #content ID is needed to override the plugin stylesheet.
    Hope that gets you set up.”

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    OK, send me a link to the page and I’ll see what’s up.

    My designer said, “The issue is I can make those adjustments on the plugins CSS and the changes should take, but anytime you update the plugin it will overwrite the CSS. he suggested adding them to the theme CSS instead of the plugin css and adding the #content id, which I did, but it didn’t seem to work. I can make the changes to the plugin CSS which will probably work for now, but the next time you update the plugin, it will probably overwrite the changes we made.”

    All of the main page and individual pages are still small, nothing adjusted at this point.

    Main page –

    One example individual page –

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    OK< well the way CSS works, you have to make the rule more specific so it will override the plugin CSS. The template you’re using now is missing the .pdb-single classname.

    I just released an update with an improved template for the single record…you should check it out, I think it will lay out better. That one will work with the CSS rule I provided because it has the .pdb-single classname.

    Oh great, I just updated to the new 1.4.4 release and will forward on your reply to my designer. Hopefully she is still online for the day but will definitely reply with our results. Thank you again for your help and will be in touch soon.

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    OK, and I suggest you check out the “Link to Full Size Image” setting.

    Hate to keep bugging you but I am not a designer at all and my designer replied back with, “So I’m not really sure what else I need to do, I added the css to the theme css that was sent earlier, what else do I need to do to get the changes to take?”

    All the pics are still tiny on the list page and individual page.

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    OK, you’re using a custom template for the single record page, right? You should use the pdb-single-default template from the latest update. (copy it to the templates directory in your theme folder, overwriting the one that is there) You can still customize it if you need, but you should start with that. It will work much better—and the CSS I gave you will kick in.

    Here was the reply my designer came back with, again this is all foreign language to me, wish I could help out more but just replying with the exact words that both of you reply with.

    “I’m not really sure what I need to change in order for this to work.

    Am I supposed to change pdb_list in the shortcode to pdb.list and pdb_single to pdb-single to match the css? Or is the shortcode correct?

    I just am unclear what needs to be changed so that the css I put in the template file will work.

    This is the shortcode being used for the page that lists all the fighters:

    [pdb_list search=”true” fields=”photo_1,first_name,last_name,city,state,fighter_status,record,weight” orderby=”first_name” order=”asc” class=”fighters” sort=”true” filter=’profile_type=Fighter’]

    And this is what is being used on each individual profile page:

    [pdb_single template=”mytemplate”]

    I think I am just using the default template. I don’t really remember how I set it up since it was a long time ago, or how to access the template to make changes.”

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    Well, if you have [pdb_single template="mytemplate"] it will look for a template called ‘mytemplate’ and use it if it finds it. It would be in the theme directory in a directory called ‘templates’ and have the name ‘pdb-single-mytemplate.php’

    I suggest you try removing the template attribute from the single shortcode so it will be only: [pdb_single] that will cause it to use the latest default template.

    Yay, we got half of it set. Reply from my designer below.

    “OK that seemed to work for the profile pages.

    What about the list pages? I can go in and change the code on the plugin CSS again to fix the thumbnail widths, but how do we get those to read off the theme css instead of the plugin css so it doesn’t get reset anytime you update?”

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign



    There is an error in your style sheet. A class name is misspelled, you have ‘pdb.list’ and it should be ‘.pdb-list’ Dot goes at the beginning, dash between the two words.

    Looks like it is all set now. Thank you very much for all your help and quick replies.

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