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  • Is it possible to change the size of the thumbnails that are displayed in the posts.

    I like the new image uploader/manager, and the fact that a page is created for images, and comments can be made for them etc. I would just like the displayed thumbnails to be a little bigger.

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  • “So what I’d like to see is the option to create a 266×200, 400×532, or any other size I may want that one time thumbnail, instead of a certain fixed size. (Or at least the option to set the one size easily for my blog-the default is way too small I think.)”

    I second this; but I’d love to make the thumbnails even smaller — 25×25 at default. I want to use WP to make my gallery site run a bit smoother, and other than that snafu, it’d be perfect.

    “I’ll add another voice requesting an easy way to specify alternative thumbnail image sizes!”

    Definitely agree with this. If we could set our own defaults, that’d be lovely. Maybe even allow for a default setting, and then ‘on the fly’ settings that apply only to the image they’re set to?

    I’d like to vote for a NO THUMB option as well since right now my ediotr can’t tell the difference. Ack!

    well, the thumbnail size selection is a feature i’d like to have, too.

    Has anyone found a solution for this? The thumb-splint.diff fix is for a different problem altogether…

    I would think most people would like to be able to select how big (or small) the thumnails WP creates will be.

    I agree, the thumb size is too limitating. Is necessary an easy setting in some place.

    I don’t understand… how was it that they removed the ‘specify your thumbnail’ size feature from WordPress?

    It was back in the upload section in WP 1.5. Also, how about putting back in the option to specify the file extensions I will allow uploading? I remember I was able to upload PDFs, and other stuff…

    This is bugging me too. I want to be able to specify the true thumb size, not just HTML resize the thumbnail/main image. I am dabbling with PixGallery which claims to resize thumbs on the fly but it does not seem to be working.

    This is ridiculus. I keep clicking on the use original option and it still it only sends a thumbnail to the editor. There has got to be a better way. How can I get a larger image to my postings? I can successfully link to original but I want a larger pic than a thumbnail in the post. I can stretch the image, but it distorts the picture. Can someone give me a better way. I am using 2.01.

    I’m really surprised that in an otherwise well-put together piece of code there are such ridiculous things hard-coded into it, like thumbnail size and the rather pointless limitation on what size images it will create thumbnails for… this should be really, really easy to do. — The developers always welcome code submissions!

    If you have a maximum height and width you’d like, and want WP to ALWAYS make a thumbnail no matter how huge your image is, this code for inline-uploading.php seems to work:

    add_post_meta($id, '_wp_attachment_metadata', $imagedata);

    $maxthumbheight = 450;
    $maxthumbwidth = 450;

    if(($imagedata['width']>$maxthumbwidth) OR ($imagedata['height']>$maxthumbheight)) {

    if($imagedata['width']>$imagedata['height']) {
    $thumb = wp_create_thumbnail($file, $maxthumbwidth);
    } else {
    $thumb = wp_create_thumbnail($file, $maxthumbheight);
    /* DONE ADDING */

    if ( $imagedata['width'] * $imagedata['height'] < 3 * 1024 * 1024 ) {
    if ( $imagedata['width'] > 128 && $imagedata['width'] >= $imagedata['height'] * 4 / 3 )
    $thumb = wp_create_thumbnail($file, 128);
    elseif ( $imagedata['height'] > 96 )
    $thumb = wp_create_thumbnail($file, 96);
    if ( @file_exists($thumb) ) {
    $newdata = $imagedata;
    $newdata['thumb'] = basename($thumb);
    update_post_meta($id, '_wp_attachment_metadata', $newdata, $imagedata);
    } else {
    $error = $thumb;

    Basically you can set a maximum thumbnail size for both the height and the width, and it should figure out which of those is the longer edge in your image and constrain it to that. The only time it won’t make a thumbnail is if the image is already smaller than the max thumbnail size itself.

    It still isn’t ideal (it is still hardcoded, but at least it is easier to change than it was before), but for me it seems to have done what I want in the short term… if I had any idea how the WP interface worked I’d try to make up something with some options, but I haven’t develed into that level of things yet.

    Any chance someone could copy and paste the whole code after these edits have been made

    I can’t get it to work, my thumbs remain the same size following these instructions.

    Must be missing something or reading the instructions wrong. Grr 🙂

    I kept getting a parse error when I tried to do the code like fastfission posted, but I was able to copy over the old code and it mostly works for me, although the max doesn’t seem to work right… i set maxheight to 200, max width to 400, and it made a 400×265 thumbnail, which is obviously over the max height… maybe I’m missing something though… but it definitely better than those tiny things it was making…

    Fastfissions solution worked for me, thanks.

    I would just like to display the original and not a thumbnail – that seems to be the urgent question. I have tried the various mods to the file but to no avail. Is there any progress on this issue yet?

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