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  • Is it possible to change the size of the thumbnails that are displayed in the posts.

    I like the new image uploader/manager, and the fact that a page is created for images, and comments can be made for them etc. I would just like the displayed thumbnails to be a little bigger.

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  • Mcarruth, that actually fixed the thumbnail dimensions so they show up again, but the original image dimensions still seem to be missing. Are you still having this problem?

    I must’ve misunderstood this thread. The problem I was seeing was that a thumbnail sized image was always inserted; regardless of whether I selected “using original” or “using thumbnail”. The code I posted strips the width and height attributes from the img tag if “using original” was set in the upload widget. Removing the width/height force the image to be displayed using the image’s original width/height which is what I was not seeing before.

    Isn’t it redundant to include the image’s original dimensions in the img tag? Is this violating XHTML rules or does it not work in your browser?

    I am still having a problem with the custom menu on uploaded images. No matter what I do I cannot get it to appear.

    Can anyone assist with my “doPopup – function not defined” error?

    It’s not violating XHTML, but it loads the page down while the browser determines the size and that’s not friendly to dial-up users. Since my site is composed almost entirely of photographs, I deem it an important issue, as do some others.

    For now, it seems I’ll have to be content with adding the height/width by hand.

    Niki – really so?

    “It’s not violating XHTML, but it loads the page down while the browser determines the size and that’s not friendly to dial-up users.”

    I have the impression that giving the height and width values will allow the browser to reserve space and start presenting the textual parts of the page while getting the image, which would be kind to viewers on low bandwidth.

    W3C says among other things that the height and width attributes are deprecated ( as scaling can be done by CSS ), but that “The height and width attributes give user agents an idea of the size of an image or object so that they may reserve space for it and continue rendering the document while waiting for the image data.”

    That is, the attributes can be given and provide a faster rendering of the text based content, but is no longer recommended. Browsers ( user agents ) can select to use them for scaling – most do( I don’t recommend this, as it gives an extra load on the client machine and may not be as good as scaling before delivery )

    The new inline-uploading.php works fine with me.
    Thank you everybody for solving that.

    The new inline-uploading.php does NOT work for me, so I’ve hacked it up a bit to make it do what I want it to do:

    My experience, and my fix, are located here on my blog.

    @nikki, the img height/width attributes have no affect on the image download time. The browser will always download the entire full sized src img and scale it so match the provided height/width attributes on the client.

    If you’re intention is to speed up page loads you need to create real thumbnails by that I mean resize your picture and upload both the original and the smaller thumbnail version. Of course you will need to reference the thumbnail img on the thumbnail page and the full image on the main page, but your users will love you for doing it.

    I don’t use thumbnails, but thanks- I’ve solved the problems I was having.

    I just installed the latestest update 3407 and im getting these.


    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /usr/home/ec1/blog/htdocs/wp-admin/inline-uploading.php:2) in /usr/home/ec1/blog/htdocs/wp-admin/inline-uploading.php on line 139


    Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this.


    With the help from you guys, and a little tinkering, I was able to get my photoblog working perfectly. Thanks fellas!

    Good for you cclark. Would you please share the concrete steps to your solution, please!?

    Something seems to have been done about this problem –
    Ticket #2199: thumb-splint.diff

    – but I don’t understand what to do with this ‘thumb-splint’ (whatever a ‘thumb-splint’ is). Could someone please explain?

    many thanks

    I’d be more interested in the first problem as well – namely being able to change the size at which the thumbnails get generated, not inserted into the page.

    The iImage plugin did that great in 1.5.x. During the upload process, you just had to click if you wanted a thumbnail, and you could give it a different maximum side size in pixels for every image.

    So what I’d like to see is the option to create a 266×200, 400×532, or any other size I may want that one time thumbnail, instead of a certain fixed size. (Or at least the option to set the one size easily for my blog-the default is way too small I think.)

    And sure, we could use the originals and the width height tags, but we have thumbnails so people don’t have to load the entire pic if they don’t want to see it, right?

    I’ll add another voice requesting an easy way to specify alternative thumbnail image sizes!

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