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    I used NextGEN Gallery widget to show image thumbnails on my homepage. However, I would like to display them in various sizes in order to show the precise comparison. I’m wondering if there’s any method to display pictures in different sizes and in different layout (portrait/landscape).

    Thank you

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  • Here’s the website link:

    Sure, use the image shortcode for each image and include the size preferred. Resize and optimize the images prior to upload to the size that will be displayed for best site performance.

    I see…

    Here’s the shortcode I have for my current homepage:

    [do_widget id=ngg-images-2]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-4]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-5]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-7]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-8]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-9]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-6]

    How can I make pictures from different galleries showing in two columns?

    [do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-5][do_widget id=ngg-images-7]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-8][do_widget id=ngg-images-9]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-6]

    (I know the code won’t look like the one above…)

    Thank you for your help!

    Something like:

    <div class="newone">[do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4]</div>
    .newone {
    	display: inline;

    You can add more styling etc…

    I’m sorry. I’m still a little bit confused about the code you wrote. Does it look like this?
    <div class=”newone”>[do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4]</div>

    I used it but it didn’t work.
    How about the following code showed below it?

    .newone {
    display: inline;

    I think I probably made a mistake while editing.
    For this code, do I have to download the plugin or anything in order to make it works?

    Thank you

    The first part

    <div class="newone">[do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4]</div>

    is added to a page or post in HTML view.

    The second part

    .newone {
    	display: inline;

    is added to the very bottom of the theme stylesheet style.css (Appearance>Editor>style.css)

    This places two elements of a container (the div) inline (next to each other horizontally). The elements in this case are the shortcodes (which use php to gather the images).

    Use the HTML multiple times in a row in your page, changing just the gallery id’s on each.

    I tried but it doesn’t work.

    After I typed the following code in HTML view for my Homepage:

    <div class=”newone”>[do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4]</div>
    <div class=”newone”>[do_widget id=ngg-images-5][do_widget id=ngg-images-6]</div>
    <div class=”newone”>[do_widget id=ngg-images-7][do_widget id=ngg-images-8]</div>
    <div class=”newone”>[do_widget id=ngg-images-9][do_widget id=ngg-images-10]</div>
    <div class=”newone”>[do_widget id=ngg-images-11][do_widget id=ngg-images-12]</div>

    In the “visual view,” it shows these:
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-5][do_widget id=ngg-images-6]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-7][do_widget id=ngg-images-8]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-9][do_widget id=ngg-images-10]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-11][do_widget id=ngg-images-12]

    I also typed this in style.css
    .newone {
    display: inline;

    However, the thumbnail images of galleries are still in one column.

    What should I do now?

    Thank you!

    I see two columns. Well, I did – are you using a cache plugin?

    Yes. I used a plugin called “Column Shortcodes”. It worked, but now I’m facing another problem… Actually, I tried to make it four columns, but it came out two columns. I think I may need to adjust the column width or the page margin. I don’t know how to change it though. Or, is it the problem of this plugin?

    By the way, I would still like to try to create mutlitple columns without using any plugin. Could you please help me with it? Did I type the code wrong?

    Thank you.

    I need you to create a page with the code provided so I can see the output source and the css, if you keep working on it adding plugins, changing the page this gets quite difficult, so again, put your homepage back the way it was, create a new page with the code, provide link to that page here, and do not further edit it until I have replied.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Here’s the link to the test page:

    Add this to the bottom of stylesheet:

    .newone .hslice {
    padding: 25px;
    float: left;

    Let’s also try three per row and then add a:

    <br />

    at the end of each new line of code, so first line would be:

    <div class="newone">[do_widget id=ngg-images-2][do_widget id=ngg-images-4][do_widget id=ngg-images-5]</div><br />

    This may not be all we have to do but start with this.

    Note: some of this is a bit difficult do the fact that the plugin is using the ID ngg-webslice for each one of the ten – ID’s are suppose to be unique!

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