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  • Hello,

    I used NextGEN Gallery widget to show image thumbnails on my homepage. However, I would like to display them in various sizes in order to show the precise comparison. I’m wondering if there’s any method to display pictures in different sizes and in different layout (portrait/landscape).

    Also, I’m trying to add more NextGEN Gallery to my homepage, but I don’t know how to write the code when I edit the page. The original code for my homepage is [do_widget id=ngg-images-2]

    So, I just guessed whatever number it may be to insert more galleries. It worked. However, I found the numbers are not in the order.

    [do_widget id=ngg-images-2]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-4]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-5]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-7]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-8]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-9]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-6]

    Here’s the website:

    I thought number “2” means the ID number of gallery, but it is not. Then, what does it mean?

    Can anyone help me with this problem, please?

    Thank you

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  • I’d also like to know how to add more columns for thumbnail images.
    I would like to put two thumbnails (for two different galleries) next to each other.

    [do_widget id=ngg-images-2] [do_widget id=ngg-images-4]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-5] [do_widget id=ngg-images-7]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-8] [do_widget id=ngg-images-9]
    [do_widget id=ngg-images-6]

    Thank you again

    Sorry about the website link in the previous post.

    Here’s the website:

    Having two (or more galleries) displayed side-by-side can be done by using a table like the one below. You can vary the look by adjusting the width – my thumbnails (containers) are 175px wide so 300px gave me two columns.

    <table style="text-align: left; width: 300px;" border="1"  cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
          <td style="vertical-align: top;">[nggallery id=7 template=caption]</td>
          <td style="vertical-align: top;">[nggallery id=8 template=caption]</td>

    See the Japanese Woodblock side-by-side test page I tried it out on. The Benji Asada gallery is on the left and the Hiyoshi Mamoru gallery is on the right.

    Thank you so much! It worked!

    However, two galleries are in a box with border lines. I’m wondering how can I do to show galleries sid-by-side without border lines. (Just like the galleries shown in the webpage- Japanesse Woodblock).

    Thanks a lot!

    My table style above had border=1 so make it border=0 or remove it from the table style.

    On some pages (eg your thumbnails are different sizes so setting a width shoud fix the alignment problem eg.

    .ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box {
        float: left;
        width: 100px;

    Got it! Thank you so much! You’re awesome!

    By the way, now I found another problem for my website. I’m wondering if you could also please help me with this problem.

    For the following webpage “New Items”, I used gallery tag to tag pictures from different galleries (as shown. The thumbnails look great, but the images can not be opened now (in this page). How come I can’t open them in this page?

    I really appreciate for all your help 🙂
    Thanks a lot!

    The New Items images can be opened in a new page ok so the links are fine. The matching image on its product category page also opens ok (ie. image a601029.jpg opens ok on the Clear Glassware page but doesn’t open on the New Items page). Sorry but I don’t know what’s casuing that.

    If you can’t sort it out then a circumvention would be to use the widget “NextGEN Widget” to display new items in your sidebar.

    I see that the New Items page is workng ok now. What did you do to fix that?

    Regards, Mike.

    Hi Mike,

    Haha… Well, I didn’t fix it. I don’t know how to fix it, so I created a new gallery and copy pictures for new items to the gallery.

    Thank you so much for all the help!

    Are you a web designer? You are so professional!


    Well done. No, I just use nextgen on a site of mine so picked up a bit of knowledge here and there.

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