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    Hi team,

    I have been looking through many, many support forums, but as yet cannot seem to find a solution to this very common problem.

    Why is Woocommerce constantly throwing this message; “Thumbnail regeneration is running in the background. Depending on the amount of images in your store this may take a while”.

    I have found several threads from Woocommerce support, advising how to disable the feature using this code;

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_background_image_regeneration', '__return_false' );
    They often then suggest using a seperate Plugin called ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’.

    But what if I want the Woocommerce feature to work. What then?
    There doesn’t seem to be any advice on getting Woocommerce Regenerate Thumbnails working, only to throw ones hands up in the air and remove it.

    How do I fix this?

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    Hi @troyw2015!

    I am not sure I fully understand the issue. Is the issue here that the regeneration itself isn’t working, or is it that you always see the notice?

    The filter you are using is to disable the regenerate feature altogether, which isn’t necessary if the regenerating is doing what it is supposed to do — that being regenerating each time a setting changes.

    Can you please elaborate a bit more on what exactly the issue is here and what/where it isn’t working?


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    Hi Rynald0s,

    My issue is the in the WordPress Dashboard, there is a message at the top saying “Thumbnail regeneration is running in the background. Depending on the amount of images in your store this may take a while.”

    This message never goes away, therefore I can only assume that the process is failing. How do I fix this?

    I don’t necessarily want to disable the feature, I just want the thumbnail regeneration to work and the message to go away.

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    Please can someone assist with this. The issue is still persisting and there does not seem to be any fix for this I can find. Something is going wrong in Woocommerce, but cannot understand what it is?

    I have the same issue. The notice is always there no matter how much time passes.

    Any comments or help on this is appreciated!

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    Quick update.
    This issue seems to have disappeared since the website went live. It was set up as a development website ( during the build, but now it is www the issue has gone.
    Hope this helps anyone else who has the problem.

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