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    Hi all,

    i have a problem with the gallery thumbnails.
    When launching my website the thumbnails are showing somewhat blurry with a bad quality. Initial idea was that they were upscaled from existing ones.

    But even after recreating the thumbs the low quality remain the same. Size displayed is exactly the one i’ve set up in the options for the thumbnails.

    Any idea about that? I’m going to buy a license, but only if this is fixed.

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    Please note that the shortcode thumbnail dimensions should be smaller. You will have to set up quite larger than the created ones. If you change the generated thumbnail dimensions set up and recreate the thumbnails, the issue will be resolved. Thanks.

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    i’ve tried it. My thumbs are squared 200×200 from beginning where i changed it before importing data. But even a recreation doesn’t solve the issue.





    Could you please provide us link to your issue page?

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