Thumbnail of wordpress' post visible on blogspot's blogroll list (1 post)

  1. sulco
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Writing my first entry here, I would like to welcome and greet the Worpress community :)

    As for the problem: blogs on the blogspot.com platform have the option of placing on theirs blogroll items (afaik this is called BlogLists there) title of the last entry of every listed blog and thumbnail image embedded in its content. This is a cool marketing idea - the picture is often more interesting than a click on the text - unfortunately, in the case of my wordpress blog included on that lists, a picture placed in my post is not recognized and only title is displayed, so of course this entry is much less recognizable in the jungle of pictures. Example here http://milu75.blogspot.com/

    Is there a way to add such recognizable thumbnail in wordpress entry?

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