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  • I really don’t like the way that WordPress names thumbnail/medium images based on their size.

    In the media settings, I set the size of the images to fit my template design. During a recent redesign, I needed to change the dimensions of all thumbnail/medium images so I used a plugin to rebuild them. The problem is that since many of the images were hardcoded into posts, after rebuilding the thumbnails, I got a lot of broken links.

    Unless there’s a plugin that could do this, I would really like to see two things in later versions of WordPress.

    1. An option in the media settings to set how generated images should be named.

    2. An option to rebuild the generated images based on the thumbnail/medium settings.

    Thanks to the whole WordPress community for the great work!

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  • I completely agree. naming them based on size makes very little sense for dynamic use. I have a Flash gallery I wrote, but I can’t use the resized images, because I have no idea to get a hold of them since they different proportions and dimensions…

    I would really love to see this fixed. I would also love to know what the original thinking was, because it makes no sense to me.

    I am trying to figure out a plugin work-around for now if anyone has any suggestions…

    I came across this post from Otto42:

    Which helped it make some sense to me. I previously was unable to find that kind of reference…

    Thanks, as always, to Otto42.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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