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    The links from the thumbnails in my posts work fine as long as I am logged into the admin panel. This would be fine if I didn’t want anyone else to see them. I found some information here:, but I do not use IE, and it was left unresolved.

    I have tried switching to the default theme, and checked from different browsers. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

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  • What are you linking to exactly?

    To a new page with the image full size. In the uploads panel, I set it to show: thumbnail and then link: page.

    I am thinking it may have something to do with the options in permalinks in the admin panel, but have tried every format option and it still isn’t working. I have tried reloading the images into the post via upload: send to editor. Nothing.

    The fact that the page shows when I am logged in makes me think it has something to do with public/private issues, but have no idea where to begin.

    But you do NOT have the full size image on the server!
    (it goes to your index.php page – which always happens if there is no 404.php template file in the theme)

    The full size images are all in my uploads folder. Just to be sure, I tried reloading one and reposting it, and it gives the same message.

    It appears that you are linking to the following:

    Are you using a plugin of some kind that is applying this attachment id?

    Are you using a plugin of some kind that is applying this attachment id?

    Nope, that’s a native WP feature when you select Thumbnail + Linked to Page + Send to editor.

    Any ideas moshu?

    I disabled all plugins to be sure. Maybe I deleted code I shouldn’t have when I disabled comments? It kinda doesn’t make sense that the images would show up when I am logged in, but not otherwise, that is the key to this puzzle.


    To a new page with the image full size. In the uploads panel, I set it to show: thumbnail and then link: page.

    I can see your full size image here:

    The thumbnail appears clearly here:

    Try deleting the image from your post and re-inserting it, only this time link it to “File”, not to “Page”, and see if that yields any different results.

    Thanks ClaytonJames. That does work indeed. However, I then run into the problem of not having the image description below the image, which I am afraid this site needs, badly. I wonder why the “page” option isn’t working? Anyone?


    I’d do 2 things (at least).
    Check for any plugins (and disable them) that might interfere with the display.
    Create an attachment.php file in the theme folder (search the Codex for it). The reason for this last one is that you seem to have a custom index or a Page set as homepage and that might somehow conflict with this: not having an attachment.php template file WP will try to use your index.php to display the images.

    Thanks moshu. I already disabled all plug-ins and tried other themes with attachment.php in them. So where do I go now? hmmmm…

    I’ve randomly started having this issue as well. I didn’t notice the problem until this past Friday 9/7/07. I’ve not done the newest security/bug fix update yet so I don’t know if that has an issue, but I’ve never noticed this issue before.

    I uploaded photos, had the thumbnail link to a page and then sent it to the editor. When I publish the link changes from the page name it normally creates to the /?attachment_id####

    I can usually go in and delete the photos then reload them and it works fine but this weekend I had it happen to the reposted photos as well.

    I wondered if it was a naming issue but it doesn’t seem to be that as I already deleted the original files. Its frustrating to say the least.

    It’s happening on some of my most recent posts. The last one to do it was this one but I’ve deleted the problem photos and reuploaded them and it seems to be fine.

    I just don’t want it to continue to happen so if anyone has insight as to what might be doing it, that’d be great.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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