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  • Plugin Author Daniel Floeter


    There is a question to be aswered: One post can be assigned to many categories. To which category should be linked?

    A solution can be to use and link to the first category which is find and discard the other assigned categories to a post.
    If this is ok for you, who do you want to implement it. Your feature request is not very commen so we can achiev your aim only in our premium version ( with an filter hook and you added code to your Theme functions.php or as installed ‘widget extension’.

    One but more complex solution is supported in our Same Category Posts widget with seperated categories option: But at the moment the category titles are no links.

    Plugin Author Mark-k


    @vprevari, I am also interested to understand the use case. I would think that a user of your site will expect the thumbnail and title of the post to link to the same thing, no? and in general, all the “recent posts” like “widgets” I see over the net always link to a post.

    Thank you both for your answers!

    Simply said, customer changed their minds and instead linking to posts now wants for widgets to link to categories. Widgets title links to category just fine, but not the thumbnail, unfortunately. Post titles are hidden.

    This is the idea:

    – one widget for each category
    – each widget has title that links to single category
    – each widget has 1 thumbnail that links to lates post (but I need it to link to cat)
    – posts don’t have featured images so default image is shown instead

    Basically this – and whan you click anywhere on that widget you get to category page:

    Now, I could do that manually, just add html widget, insert title, image and link it to category, but I would like to keep it in your widget so the customer can later add or change categories himself – or if he ever changes his mind again and wants to link to posts … you get the idea 🙂

    Alternatively, option to remove link from thumbnail would be also fine.

    Plugin Author Daniel Floeter


    Your aim is more show categories, but categories have no feature image? (So this take the latest post feature image.)

    Another question how many widgets you want to place or to show many categories with one widget, with multi select, can be easier?

    Plugin Author Mark-k


    looking at our “pro” version code, it seems like it contains exactly what you will want, a filter for the url being used at the title and thumbnail, a filter you can use to change the url to anything. (this will bring the side question that is very relevant to SEO of what should be the title attribute used on the link, for which we might add a filter as well if needed.

    Since having advanced API/filters/hooks is part of the way we differentiate between “free” and “pro” I find it hard to believe we will introduce such a filter in the free version. We don’t mind to point you to the code where this change should be made, but we are unlikely to support it as part of the plugin itself. (the show_thumb function is where the link is being calculate, will just need a 2-3 lines of code to change the link from post to category)

    You can test drive the upcoming version of pro on your local install without a need of license/payment –


    Instead latest post image, it takes default image for every category (which I chose inside your plugin (since post featured image is not set) – and that is ok.

    Thanks, I will try beta locally and see how it works and maybe purchase pro version. Thanks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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