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  • After months of frustration Facebook is still not posting my articles from my theme correctly to my Facebook page. Almost every time I get this sad and idiotic result.

    I’ve tried the plugins: Facebook Like Thumbnail, Easy Thumbnail Share, Facebook Open Graph Protocol. I’ve added FB metadata directly into the theme. And I’m still getting that Facebook result.

    I’ve used the Facebook Lint and always get an error. So I know something is not working correctly.

    The main problem is I can’t share my posts on Facebook and this is a major fail. All other websites when I post the URL, everything works fine.

    I can’t tell you how lame it is to know of all the lost traffic because I’m getting a text link on Facebook that no one will click on.

    If anyone has worked around this problem and could give me some insight I’d be eternally grateful.

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  • I use SFC.. Simple Facebook Connect, that has always worked flawlessly for me.

    Is your theme possibly doing something that is causing issues? Trying to insert it’s own meta data or anythng? Have you tried sharing a post with any plugin or whatev, with 2011 theme active? That would rule out the theme aspect

    Sorry… I’m kind of half guessing here, my work has your first link blocked, so I can’t look at the issue, only offer blind suggestion

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    It’s the theme and … well, Facebook.

    It’s stupid, but the only 100% way to make sure you links include an image is to have the image IN the post.

    I am struggling with this as well. With images it works, but with embedded videos it does not provide the thumbnail. It worked a couple weeks ago but not now. So, I think it is caused by a plugin. I have tried to deactive a number of plugins but still no luck. Anyone have any suggestions. It isn’t working on either of my sites: or

    thanks for your help

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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