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    Please help in getting the Thumbnail in Page.USING the feed i am getting the link,description but not the Thumbnail, I have tried several feed but NO LUCK !!!!! For reference

    [RSSImport display=”90″ feedurl=”″ before_desc=”” displaydescriptions=”TRUE” after_desc=” ” wp_rss_multi_importer category=”2″ html=”FALSE” truncatedescchar=”200″ truncatedescstring=” … ” truncatetitlechar=” ” truncatetitlestring=” … ” before_date=” <small>” date=”FALSE” after_date=”</small>” date_format=”” before_creator=” <small>” creator=”FALSE” after_creator=”</small>” start_items=”

      ” end_items=”

    ” start_item=”

  • ” end_item=”
  • ” target=”” rel=”” desc4title=”” charsetscan=”FALSE” debug=”FALSE” before_noitems=”<p>” noitems=”No items, feed is empty.” after_noitems=”</p>” before_error=”<p>” error=”Error: Feed has a error or is not valid” after_error=”</p>” paging=”FALSE” prev_paging_link=”« Previous” next_paging_link=”Next »” prev_paging_title=”more items” next_paging_title=”more items” use_simplepie=”FALSE”]

    Please help in getting the images in above mention code..What is missing in it ?
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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  • I have changed the html =0 to 1 in editor and I got the images but only 10 images ? not sure why …Now i need ur help

    Plugin Author took77


    please use the new feature in the latest release 4.4.15! 🙂

    Example how to enable Thumbnail Pictures:

    $display = 5,
    $feedurl = ‘’,
    $before_desc = ‘<img src=”%picture_url%” alt=””>’,
    $displaydescriptions = true


    [RSSImport feedurl=”” displaydescriptions=”true” before_desc=”<div><img src=’%picture_url%’ width=’50px’ alt=” style=’float:left;’ />” after_desc=”</div>” use_simplepie=”true”]

    btw: Do you have any other examples of rss-feeds that actually contain pictures that we might use in the examples in our documentation and for testing?

    I’m having the same problem with my rss feed, even after trying the shortcode you provided above. You can see it in action here, Seattle Seahawks Tickets.

    Plugin Author took77


    Hi keepkalm,

    my crystal ball is telling me you are talking about the feed you are trying to import, probably using something like

    [RSSImport feedurl="" displaydescriptions="true" before_desc="<div><img src='%picture_url%' width='50px' alt='' style='float:left;' />" after_desc="</div>" use_simplepie="true"].

    Is my crystal ball right? Else please post a link to the feed you are trying to import and the full shortcode you are using.

    Looking at the source of, I can’t find something like “media:thumbnail” within the “item”-tag which would be required to use the new %picture_url% macro.

    Instead your feed has some CDATA-encoded html-code containing an img-tag within the “content”-tag of your feed-items.

    Have you already tried to enable html-code in your imported feed-content (html="true" in the shortcode)? That should allow the img-tag to be rendered and therfore make the images visible.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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