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  • digitalmediapowerhouse


    Yes, my thumbnail images are huge as well.

    Under your Extend HTML content selection tab of extending description and content:encoded HTML, I have both items checked because I thought I would need to extend my excerpt since I am using a thumbnail.

    But it doesn’t extend my excerpt at all, it just makes my images huge. And I see that it allows the image 90% more width if you have those items checked.

    What exactly does the “extending the description” and “content:encoded HTML” do to the rss feed?

    I just gave up on it.

    Plugin Author ladislav.soukup


    this will be addresses in new version, where you will be able to set the thumbnail width and height.

    There are two possible “fields” for post text in RSS feed. Standard field is just plain description tag. Most RSS readers are looking for second (newer) tag – “content:encoded”. This plugin will add the “content:encoded” tag to your RSS feed.
    But you still can control if image will be inserted to those two tags in RSS. There are still special tags just for image URL, but they are not always used be the reader… so that is why most feeds have image injected to HTML part of the item in RSS.

    Plugin Author ladislav.soukup


    there is an update that will let you setup the size of embedded thumbnail sizes… since version 1.4

    @ladislav.soukup I still have the same problem posted here. I have the latest version( just discovered it) and the images are outputted as 90% of the container from what I select in the settings( full image, thumbnail, medium, large) and for example on newer resolution screens( 1920 and higher) the images would look bad upscaled since I don’t use monster size images on my blog.

    I don’t know too much about feeds but there is a way I can style that via CSS or sometjing so the images to be picked as percent but to stop from growing on a maximum screen width( like max-width: 970px;) ?



    I have the same problem, too.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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