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  • Selecting an image in the uploader and inserting in a post always sets the src link pointing to the original size image file, not the thumbnail or medium resolution file as selected via the radio button:

    <img class=”alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-5″ title=”Ein Bild” src=”http://<MY_WEBSITE>/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/einbild.jpg” alt=”” />

    However, the class information shows that thumbnail size was correctly selected. The Thumbnail file does exist (named “einbild-150×150.jpg”), and there have been no errors during the upload/resize process before.

    I already made a new, completely fresh wp 2.5 install with default theme to test this, but the problem remains. Even setting directory and file permissions to 777 for wp-content and below does not change this behavior.

    Anybody else here with this problem – or a solution?

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  • Hi ARubinstein,

    I do not even know if thumbnails will be created if you choosed a remote file. Is the file itself transfered to your server or was it already on your server?

    Did wordpress told you something about crunching?

    A quick solution might be to download the image to your computer and then use the uploader to load it up to wordpress.

    Hi hakre,

    as I mentioned:

    “The Thumbnail file does exist (named “einbild-150×150.jpg”), and there have been no errors during the upload/resize process before.”

    Upload worked, chrunching occured, no errors, file existing. Even manually appending the -150×150 file name extension to the src parameter in HTML view works and delivers the thumbnail fine. It´s only that the uploader applet does NOT insert the correct code.

    Well, the only thing I know when this happens is when the option is selected to do so. But this is with normal operations.

    With the new image uploader I’m facing update problems a lot resulting in javascript errors as well. Even I thought each one can be solved with disanling firefox cache, yesterday it didn’t. Today I do not get any more javascript warnings and the editor works as expected (yesterday I was not able to insert any image, the “popup” went to white and sayed open and the image was not inserted). Maybe you face a javscript error as well?

    Another thing I ran over: If the filename contains non-ascii characters I run into problems as well.

    I have no Javascript errors or warnings of any kind (and never had), the uploader opens everytime and is and has been fully functional in every case.
    I tried all combinations of size and alignment options, however, the choice for embedding thumbnail or medium size is consistently ignored, no size extension referencing a thumb or medium size file is put in to the file name of the src paramater.

    Did you upgraded your Blog?

    pls read my first posting 😉

    Sorry, this is really quirky. Let’s summarize:

    • WordPress: ok Version 2.5 is known to be working
    • Theme: ok Default Theme of Version 2.5
    • Filename: ok only ascii chars
    • Browser: UNKNOWN – Which Webbrowser are you using?
    • Pluginstatus: UNKWNOWN – Does your vanilla Setup uses any additional plugins?

    WordPress: Fresh Install 2.5

    Browser: I checked with IE 7 and Firefox, no difference.

    Plugins: Only the “Uploaded File Permissions” Plugin to account for permission problems with german hosting company DomainFactory. Need this to have file permissions on uploads correctly set after upload. This has the effect of the image upload working now and media library and uploader applet showing the images without errors after upload. NO other plugins.

    File and directory permissions problems I think are out of question now since everything is working in the visual editor and on the normal site view if I manually enter the “-150×150” in the filname, and I can manage the image file in media library.

    Since this is a pure testing environment, I´ll happily give you the admin password via private eMail if you have time to take a look and try for yourself…

    Might be something simple that I overlook. Not so many people seem to have this problem at all, or there would be flaming all over the place ;-). Or they all still working on getting the upload itself to work…

    Something else that might be a hint to the problem:

    When deleting images via media library, only the original size image is deleted, the thumbnail and medium res files generated in the uploading process are left behind and NOT deleted.

    Is this the intended behavior or a hint that somehow WP 2.5 does NOT KNOW about the thumbnails…? Should these files be referenced somewhere in the database? I could not find a trace of that by looking through the posts table.

    This is still an open topic for me… no one else out there experiencing this…? I used up my imagination of possible error locations for now.

    I am having a similar problem but the Flash uploader just randomly stopped creating the 150×150 thumbnail images. It is quite annoying and I cant find a solution to the problem :/

    Meanwhile, I gave up on wp team fixing all the errors with the uploader in short time – this error I have seems to be basically ignored so far here – and downloaded the flexible upload plugin (

    With this plugin(rather similiar in design to the original wp uploader, but with much better functionality, both may have the same development roots ?), my problems are TOTALLY GONE without any change in my hosting environment – and this I think pretty much PROVES that the code delivered with wp is the cause for the problem.

    ARubinstein and others,

    I migrated to flexible upload because I read it was more… flexible!

    It was, for a while. Then suddenly this week the ‘thumbnail’ option in the applet, identical to the problem ARubinstein ran into with the standard WP upload applet, quit working!! I can’t figure it out.

    It was the last plugin I activated, and haven’t done any major development since. It just quit making links with ‘.thumbnail’ attached. Yes, the thumbnail itself is on the server, but the link-generation quit!

    There is obviously some bug somewhere, regarding this function. I’m sure it will be fixed one day, but unless we know exactly what is causing the problem… ?

    Same problem and it’s really annoying!!!!
    I have 2.5.1 version and ther’s no way to have the thumbs….
    Installed the flexible upload plugin as suggested from ARubinstein but…I’m not able to insert more images as a gallery like the original media upload did… 🙁
    So disappointed about this version……. now.. I can’t put online my blog!


    Same problem. Had this in 2.5, tonight I upgraded to 2.6 hoping the problem would be fixed… and still isn’t.

    HELP! Why isn’t there any response to this issue????

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