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  • Hello everybody,

    I have the almost same problem as ARubinstein had six years ago with WordPress 2.5 in but now with WP 3.9.1.
    I use the_post_thumbnail() in my theme, with a parameter size “xsmall” to output a thumbnail.
    The output
    <img width="120" height="93" src="" class="attachment-category-thumb wp-post-image" alt="My Pic">
    As you see, the size is set correctly, but although it exists and was generated by WordPress, the image is not used.

    It does not matter wether the thumbnail was generated in the first place or using the “AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild” plugin. Also, the problem does not occur for every image and can be resolved if the image is saved anew (export from jpeg to jpeg).
    However, for a non-expert, it is not easy to spot, while it increases loading times big time (full image is ~ 5MB).

    Anybody any ideas? Maybe just a straw, like e.g. some information about how WordPress stores the information about which thumbnails lie where (or could I just manually create thumbnails and WordPress would use them, i.e. it checks for file existence?)

    Any help appreciated, thank you!

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  • Can you replicate the problem using the default Twenty Fourteen theme with all plugins deactivated?

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    I tried; for now, I cannot replicate the problem at all. I do not really understand what happened, but I figure it worked after I had purged the file and uploaded a re-saved (export function) version of it. Sorry for the non-sense post, in a way.

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    Hey again!

    Again I have that mistake. And maybe regenerating, reuploading etc. would solve the problem, but I would prefer to be sure I do not have to check every picture.

    I did try with all plugin deactivated, with no success. However I cannot check with twenty-twelve, since I use echo wp_get_attachment_image(1133,'gallery-thumb'); in the theme to get to the image in the first place.

    You can check the problem at on the start page

    Thanks all

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