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  • I use arras-theme at

    My problem is with the dynamically created images size. I uploaded a 700x300px image (10kb) as recommended on the theme options for a post, but the thumbnail the theme produces (640*250) is much much bigger in file size than this. So is there a way by which I can upload the images (215×105)and (640x250px) to a cache folder, and the theme will use these images instead of the php generated ones?

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  • Well, this can be done by uploading the images with the required dimensions to the folder where you uploaded the original fullsize thumbnail. Naming convention is FULL_SIZE_THUMB_NAME-205×115.EXTENSION

    Problem still persists. Although there are image thumbnails of different sizes required by the theme stored in the upload folder, the theme still goes on making its own highly inefficient thumbnail images. How can I prevent this from happening.

    How do you add thumbs? Custom field or the WP thumbnail function?

    its custom field…and the theme adds WP filters to automatically generate the required thumbnail sizes from the image we provide. Like, the image size for front page slideshow is 640*250, but the theme will auto generate smaller lones from this image. My problem is, the theme generates thumbnails again and again ech time a web page with thumbnail is requested suing a builtin php script and the image thud produced is really heavy.

    Yeah, that’s why you use the WP Thumb function and not the custom field.

    So is there a work around?

    Visit the Arras Theme forum, there’s plenty of help and info there.

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    Thanks extatix, I will check the forums.

    how can i use thumbnail with image-link from pisaca, imageshack, flickr, …

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    tdhai1992, you use the embed code provided by said image hosting services. If you need more help, please start your own topic.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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