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  • Hi, I’m trying to get the WP thumbnail generation working.
    I’m using PHP5 which has GD library v 2 installed OK and I’m getting no error messages when I upload an image.
    But after upload the ‘use thumbnail’ option is crossed out, and if I check on the server no thumbnail has been created.

    I have tried going to the wp-settings file and turning on error reporting for notices, and I get loads of warnings for every page and the admin section becomes unusable (mainly due to ‘headers already sent’ warnings I think) so that doesn’t get me very far.

    Does anyone have any ideas? The only thing I can think of at this point is to reinstall WP again from scratch and see if that helps.

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  • What’s the error message?

    I’ve managed to solve this now. By talking to the hosting company it turned out that they didn’t have GD2 configured properly. Strangely there was no error message at all so it was lucky they knew this or I would have been stuck.

    I had the same problem on a shared hosting environment with gd2 and php5. it seems like you are simply not allowed to create a file using the imagejpeg() funciton. my workaround is described below:

    just add this before line 763 in /wp-admin/admin-functions.php

    // move the thumbnail to it’s final destination



    i could handle the problem by installing php4-gd:
    apt-get install php4-gd

    looks to me like i had an incompatible lib or wrong config on the server before

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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