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  • If I want to make thumbnails with the upload, how can I make those thumbnails go in another folder?


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  • Put them there?

    Honestly. That’s the answer. You can put your graphics anywhere you want, in any folder you want, whether uploading through WordPress or FTP or whatever. Tell them to go into the wp-images/thumb folder or whatever you name it. And then make sure you make your links accordingly.

    Your site’s folder system isn’t much more different than your hard drive folder system.

    i want to use the upload thing in wordpress though. if I make a thumbnail when uploading, which folder does it go in under the miscelaneous options? Destination or URI?


    They should point to the same, just in different way – otherwise it doesn’t work: In the Destination field that’s the server path, while the URI (URL) line gives you… well, the URI 🙂
    Both the normal size pics and the thumbnails go to the same directory if you upload and, respectively, cretate them through this WP feature. The thumbnail pictures will have a thumb- prefix.

    is there no way to make the thumbnails go into another folder? i want to set the photogallery as the upload folder so its easy to upload pictures from anywhere without an ftp, but the photogallery will automatically pick up on the thumbnails and display them as well.

    thus, i need the thumbnails to go elsewhere (and i plan on trying to make the output of text [if a thumbnail is made] to give code for an href link to the folder the real picture is in)

    has anyone done this, or know where i might start if i was trying to code this myself? btw, this would make a good plugin *wink wink*


    Hello, couple of thoughts …

    – Perhaps your gallery software can be “told” to ignore thumbnails with a certain prefix?

    – Here is the line from admin_functions.php at around line 251 that determines the destination of thumbnails. I wouldn’t really recommend it, but you could modify it:

    $thumbpath = substr($file, 0, strrpos($file, ‘/’)) . ‘/thumb-‘ . $path[count($path)-1];

    $file holds the entire path – including filename – of the large image. So what it’s doing here is chopping it down to just the path – no trailing slash – then inserting /thumb- and adding back on the large image filename.

    Or, you can always choose a gallery script that has its own upload feature…

    marosell, could photozip be what you need?

    sure, ill try that, thanks zz85

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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