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  • Hi!

    I am looking for a plugin that automatically generates thumbnails for the pictures I upload.

    WordPress’ automatically generated thumbnails are smaller versions of the images and they take a long time to load.

    I need a simple plugin that creates another image, next to the one I upload, that has smaller dimensions (i.e. 200×200), and that has a character next to it (i.e. the picture name is pic.jpg and the thumbnail name is pic_thumb.jpg).

    I have searched and searched. The closest thing that I have found is the Nextgen Gallery, but it is just too complicated for my needs (2-3 pictures per post).

    You can see my blog at The thumbnails load as large images, thus increasing the page loading time. Also, scrolling is slower.

    I hope that I described my problem clearly and I am waiting for your answers. Thank you in advance.

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  • Solved..

    I dug a little deeper and installed GD module for PHP. It worked like a charm!

    Look here:

    How to test: create a file, let’s say test.php and write the following inside:

    header (“Content-type: image/jpeg”);
    $img = ImageCreate (200,100);
    $fond = ImageColorAllocate ($img,0,200,0);
    $col = ImageColorAllocate ($img,255,255,255);
    ImagePolygon ($img,array(60,10,140,10,190,90,10,90),4,$col);
    ImageJPEG ($img, ”, 100);

    Save the file, chmod 777 it (just in case), and then point your browser to http://yourdomain/test.php. If a white polygon shows up on a green background, this is not your problem.

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