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    How do I make the categories have no images? That the products has an images, and the categories are not have images.
    P.S. I’m sorry for my English.

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  • Go to:
    Dashboard > Products > Categories
    Select a category from the table on the right. As you hover over the name, an Edit option appears.
    Click that, then on the next screen look for the Thumbnail setting. You can use an image from a typical product in that category or choose a new image.

    @lorro, No, you do not understand, I’m not asking how to add an image, I ask how to remove it altogether, that even a standard thumbnail does not exist

    Oh, you can do that with some custom css. This works with Storefront.

    ul.products li.product..product-category a img {
      display: none;

    If it doesn’t work with your theme, please post the url to your shop page.

    @lorro, In your example, there was an error (two points in a row), but I fixed it. But I do not like a lot of empty space between categories, can I arrange this as a list, like a menu?

    Probably yes, but some css skills will be needed.

    Have you considered using the WooCommerce Product Categories widget. That can be set to show a list. It needs to go into a sidebar and I don’t know if that would be appropriate for your site.

    @lorro, I like that. Then can I generally remove categories from anywhere except the side menu? And yes, I need to write css.

    You would setup your shop page to show products only. There’s a setting for that. Then if a user clicks a category link in the widget, they will be taken to the shop page which will show just the products in that category.

    @lorro thank you so much

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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