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    Not sure if it’s Suffusion, WordPress, NextGen Gallery or the now deleted W3caching plugin, but there is a “thumbcache” folder in uploads wp-content/uploads folder that is quite large. So large that GoDaddy (I know) is threatening to suspend our account (even though we pay for ‘unlimited’ content).
    Files are added daily to the folder with long letter/number names. They are also given permissions of “owner RW; group — ; other RW” (sorry can’t remember the specific number code).


    I know Sayontan is a busy man, so I place the questions here.

    Can I delete this folder? Is it necessary for anything?
    Is there something I can disable to prevent further thumbnail caching?

    GoDaddy’s complaint:

    “Your hosting account was found to be utilizing a high amount of CPU and memory usage due to massive backups of your WordPress site being created repeatedly. In order to mitigate this issue, we have disabled the wp-cron.php scritp. You will need to review your plug-ins to ensure that they are optimized and running efficiently. You may wish to reduce the number of backups being created. You should also either disable or reconfigure any backup plug-ins to maintain only one copy of your site files. “

    “2. Improper directory configuration. The following directories exceed the maximum 1,024 file/folder per directory count:

    ,867 …./wordpress/wp-content/uploads/
    4,569 …./wordpress/wp-content/uploads/thumb-cache/ ”

    Due to the serious nature of this situation, your hosting account will be suspended if you do not resolve these issues by April 7, 2013. Please note that if the hosting account is suspended, any websites you host on this plan will be disabled. “

    Thank you again for a great theme and blogging venue and of course any assistance anyone can provide.

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  • Try asking on the theme’s dedicated forum:

    As I stated, I didn’t want to bother Sayontan because I’m not really sure it’s a theme problem. Our other website that uses Suffusion doesn’t have that folder.
    I was kind of hoping someone else might have a simple answer as to whether or not thumbnail cache folder can be deleted or what the source is.

    Thank you,

    Theme Author Sayontan


    You can delete the contents of the folder, but to avoid repeated regeneration, go to Suffusion Options → Other Graphical Elements → Miscellaneous → Thumbnail Generation, and disable the sizes that you don’t want. Typically you would make the selections based on the layouts that you use.

    thanks so much Sayontan. Have a great day.

    Hello FemmeFM is your issue resolved? If it is could you please close this ticket.

    Kind regards

    Yes, solved, thank you so much for your assistance.

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