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    I’ve been trying out the plugin the past couple of days. I like the UI and the accessibility of the crop thumbnail functionality (basically, its everywhere!).

    I’ve only been trying it out on a bunch of my posts, but after I’ve modified the thumbnails on 3 or 4 posts, then it seems these get reset after I do 5 or 6 posts. I’ve redone those first 4 or so twice now, but have to give up.

    My case may be unusual as I have 8 thumbnail sizes and 11 content types (according to your lists in the settings, and this does seem right). Perhaps because of this scaling issue there’s something going wrong?

    What information would you like to help you investigate this issue further?



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  • Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi lellobot,
    nice to hear that you like the plugin.

    About your problem:
    After cropping, the images are physical stored on the server. They are stored in the same location and with the same name as the previous image (except the original image was to small to crop them initially).

    So, i see three possiblities what could had happend:

    1. Another person or plugin changed the images.
      Did you use for example the “ajax thumbnail rebuild” plugin or an equal plugin to resize the defined image-sizes? Those plugin restore the standard crop of your thumbnails.
    2. Your browser caches the image in a strange way. But its not very likely. From your description it sounds like it worked for a couple of days and then the old ones showed up again.
      But you can test it very easy. Right click on the image an open it in a new tab – now hit F5 to refresh.
      In the crop editor you will always see the actuall image from the server cause i used a cache-breaker at that point. Are the right images in the crop-editor?
    3. Do you eventually use a cache on wordpress (e.g. wp-super-cache)?
    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hey lellobot,
    any news from your page?


    I’ve been keeping an eye on it and it hasn’t happened for 3 days now, and I’ve been regularly uploading new images. I kept a couple if the cropped image URLs open in a tab and whenever I’ve refreshed them, they’re still cropped (as well as everywhere else on the site) so I’m not sure what was interfering.

    I do have a plugin ‘Force Regenerate Thumbnails – Delete and REALLY force the regenerate thumbnail.’ It could be that the option to regenerate thumbnails for just one image messes with all images. I don’t want to try it again in case it screws all my content. But not using it at all seems to be working. Will see if that keeps working…

    Will keep you posted.

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    thanks for using the plugin and let me know if you find misbehaviour.


    It’s happened again – I’ve just noticed that the first 2 thumbnails I created have been reset, but not the rest. I have 142 images and have cropped about 40 of them for thumbnails. Maybe there’s an upper limit? I don’t know.

    I’ve since uninstalled Force Regenerate Thumbnails and haven’t used it at all since I last messaged. I’m not using any caching plugins or any other image cropping plugins. Do you think it matters that I’m using a custom page type (the theme calls it ‘portfolio’)?


    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Hi lellobot,
    please do the following:
    – open the frontend
    – right-click on the image you think you had cropped, but issn’t shown correctly
    – choose “open image in new tab” (or even better, “open image in inkognito tab”)
    – hit f5 on the tab with the single image

    Is the image now like the one you cropped?


    I tried it – and it didn’t work.

    This should be of this woman’s head and shoulders:×150.png

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    Oh, you use a png. Hmmm, maybe it’s about that.

    OK, i had tested it with on my own blog the function is working for me on that image. So it’s not a bug with PNG files in general.

    But maybe the image is to large to process on your server (depends on php-settings). PNG-Files are a lot bigger than JPEG cause they are loseless compressed. So maybe you have to only use JPEG.

    Do you see the already cropped image in the thumbnail-editor (in admin)? Is the cropping process done all correct?

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