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  • Newbie: This has got to be something fairly obvious but it has me stumped. I downloaded and unziped the thumb-in-post plugin. Then activated the plugin in the admin control panel. When I try to go to here is what I get.
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/coolth3/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/thumb-in-post9.php on line 28
    When I open the thumb-in-post9.php file which sits on my PC, it looks different from the one on the server. The carriage returns seem to be off, so the one on my computer has a <cr> after each line and the one on the server the lines run together. I tried FTPing the file over several times but it is the same. I’ve compared this to other plugin files and they look the same on my PC and the server.
    I’m now stuck on this! help would be appreciated.

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  • IT IS NOW Fixed….. Here is what I did. I created a new file called thumb-in-post9a in wordpad pro (text editor). I copied in all of the stuff from thumb-in-post9 and saved it then ftped this new file to the server and renamed it to thumb-in-post9. Now it works fine.
    I’m not sure what is wrong with the first file — but in case anyone else has this problem this will fix it.

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