• simply by activating the plugin, you get a java script error from Google Tag in the (Chrome) browser. Gives you a terrible SEO score.

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    @staedeli Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the plugin however I didn’t see a support topic from whereby we can assist. If you’re encountering a particular dashboard error and you wish to share it please do so and I’d be happy to investigate. My first though is you may be experiencing the same as users encountered in this GitHub issue. This is as a result of a third party plugins usage of the Google charts library.

    Gives you a terrible SEO score.

    The plugin is a backend operated plugin and doesn’t impact your sites Search Performance. Was there a particular concern you has on based on your SEO findings?

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    Hi James,

    As soon as I connect Google Tag Manager inside Site Kit, I get a Java script error on the front end. Not sure why this could be any other plugin’s fault? I’m not using Tag Manager with any other plugin…?

    I had to uninstall site kit completely and reconnect only Analytics and Search console, then it works ok.


    Plugin Support James Osborne


    Thanks for the update. A JavaScript error on the front end is particularly unusual. From looking at your site and inspecting the optimizations performed I suspect this may be a particular configuration with your optimization plugin.

    If you’re willing to give the below a try I’d to know does the error reappear:

    1. Please temporary disable the admin toolbar and check does the issue appear when reconnecting the Tag Manager module (I suspect here may be where the conflict lies, with the dashboard notice if so appearing for logged in users).
    2. Please temporary disable WP Rocket or check your configuration settings (in particular any combining of assets feature), before connecting Tag Manager via Site Kit once more

    Let me know if you have any questions on the above. If the dashboard error appears once more after refreshing your page in either check above please share what the error states.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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