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  • First, let me say that I really like WP-Piwik! I’m using WP-Piwik v0.8.8 (with Piwik v1.5.1) in WordPress v3.2.1.

    When clicking on a link (any link) within the WordPress admin pages, sometimes I am thrown back to my home page ( This may also happen when browsing the public site (link ends up on home page instead of proper destination).

    This started happening after installing WP-Piwik, but I have not yet proven what causes this failure. The behavior is intermittent (maybe once per day). This can break form submission (because the form is never submitted to the proper page, and changes are lost).

    Has anyone else seen this happen? Can anyone help me diagnose whether this is WP-Piwik (or Piwik itself), or some other plugin? Many thanks for any assistance!

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  • After further testing, I am convinced this is caused by Piwik. Are there any known cases of the Piwik tracking code (JavaScript) causing pages to redirect to the home page?

    Plugin Author braekling


    Are you sure this issue is caused by Piwik (!= WP-Piwik) itself? Never seen this before.

    Please consider WP-Piwik was not compatible to WordPress 3.2 until now. Try WP-Piwik 8.9.0, maybe it will fix this issue.

    Hi. Thank you so much for your feedback.

    More testing: Removing the Piwik JavaScript tracking code from the site, everything works fine. With the JavaScript tracking code, this problem occurs very often.

    I can add the tracking code via WP-Piwik or via the theme I’m using. Either way, the problem occurs. Therefore, the WP-Piwik plugin does not seem to be the cause of the problem itself.

    I’ll try v0.8.9 as soon as it gets into the WP Plugin repository.

    Can anyone offer any further diagnosis that I can do before I have to move away from Piwik entirely?

    One thing I’m looking into is using the Piwik Tracking API instead of client-side JavaScript. Any recommendations in that regard? Thanks!

    Plugin Author braekling


    Hm, there’s one more strange thing: Normally the Piwik JS code is not added to admin pages, is it?

    0.8.9 is out now. I just did a mistake on tagging the repository, so it was not shown as “latest”.

    I have updated to WP-Piwik v0.8.9 and the problem remains.

    The Piwik JS code is not added to admin pages. I have confirmed this by looking at the generated page source.

    In the error log, when this problem happens, I see this:

    [Thu Aug 11 09:20:48 2011] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer:

    The page (update-core.php) is the last page that was visited before the failure case.

    I cannot determine 100% if this is Piwik, but I cannot reproduce the error when I turn off the Piwik JS tracking code.

    How do you recommend I further test this problem? Here’s a topic on this general (premature end of script) error.

    UPDATE! I’ve just triggered this problem WITHOUT Piwik JS tracking code.

    Tracking code was not being used on the site at all. Notice that WP-Piwik plugin is active, showing Piwik stats in the Dashboard.

    So, the problem is NOT triggered by the tracking code, but MIGHT still be caused by Piwik’s stats (I clicked the Dashboard link when the problem happened). Maybe it’s just a general hosting memory/process issue, as suggested by the thread linked above.

    (I never encountered this before using Piwik, so my next test will be to fully disable the WP-Piwik plugin, so my WP has no integration with Piwik.)

    More testing reported at the topic I linked before…

    At this point, I am no longer confident that Piwik or WP-Piwik has anything to do with this. I have tested by enabling/disabling with intermittent results.

    From other reports on the linked topic, this may be a general hosting issue (resource utilization) than any specific plugin.



    I’ve been having this issue with several of my WP blogs hosted on DreamHost for a while. So, I would agree that it’s probably not related to Piwik or WP-Piwik.

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