[resolved] Throwback to WPMu Issue: Site Admin--> User issue in the blog column (6 posts)

  1. jimgroom
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hey all,
    This is a throwback issue, and I was hoping to get it resolved before we upgrade our WPMu site to WP 3.0. The issue is an odd one, in the Site Admin->Users area I have one user that seems to be throwing an error in the blogs column. It is just one user, and the blog column is blank, and seems to be throwing an error I can't see.

    The damage on this user's side is that when she logs into any of her blogs she gets a blank white screen. She can login in, but loses any visual access to her blogs. I went through all her blogs and checked she had user/admin privileges and she does. So I guess I am a bit at a loss. I checked her user table in wp_users and there were no crazy scripts. I checked her wp_usermeta and wp_x_capabilities and wp_x_user_level settings are correct in each of those tables. So I am kinda stuck, any ideas would be greatly appreciated, and here is a quick image of the way her blogs column in Site Admin-->Users goes blank:


    Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. AHA! Picture makes it so much clearer. :)

    So with that, it basically cuts off the rest of the page too, doesn't it?

  3. jimgroom
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hahaha, yeah picture is woth a thousand unclear words---plus I always love an image in my posts :) It does cut off the rest of the users on that page, luckily I deleted a test user and made her's the 15th on page 1, so it prevents more collateral damage (it was screwing up 14 other users when it was the first entry on page 2).

  4. jimgroom
    Posted 5 years ago #

    This is resolved, seems like the wp_x_options table in one of her blogs was filled with transient Magpie feeds, probably caused by the post syndicator we used to use (BDP RSS). The options table alone was 95 MBs, and once I cleaned that out her blogs showed back up---who knew? :)

  5. Oh awesome, because without being able to poke around in the db, that was a stumper.

    takeaway for the home viewers: always go look around in the db and see if anything seems wonky. :D

  6. jimgroom
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Maybe the takeaway should be "Don;t try this at home, kids," especially when you are ignorant like me :)

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