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  • Here is my modification of kubrick: I still need to change use of some IDs to Classes in the right sidebar searchforms.

    To convert kubrick to a three column format, I added get_sidebarLeft() and get_sidebarRight() functions to wp-includes/template-functions-general.php. I am concerned that this file will be overwritten when upgrading. Is there a better place to define functions within the theme to provide for more modular code?

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  • Nice design looks great in Safari accept for the a link problem, looks fine in Firefox

    Add this to your style sheet it should stop the underlined text on mouse over none linked text.

    a:link {
    text-decoration: none;

    I’ve tested it in IE, Opera, Firefox and Netscape. Is this just a problem in Safari? I have been unable to recreate it elswhere. Also, is there a windows compatable Safari browser I can use for betatesting?

    No usually Safari will react exactly like Firefox, so 99% time it will show the same but once in a while there is a glitch. You should always add the a:link style anyway. If you have an <\a> It will underline the text in any browser.

    I would just ask for people to test it for you when you post your site.


    What ever you did it’s gone now or Safari 1.3 has the problem, since I’m using 1.2 at work. There is no more underlines on your text when you put your cursor on or over the regular text.


    I missed a closing tag on a hyperlink in my sidebar. Other browsers must have automatically corrected for that. Thanks for letting me know it worked.

    kingjeffery–when you did this, did you also change anything in index.php (if not also archive.php)? I, too, want to try a 3-col variation on Kubrick. My problem so far, is getting the main content (css: narrowcol/widecol) to cooperate. I’m just not CSS-savvy enough to know whether “inserting” a 3rd column to the left will “push” things over, or whether I have to explicitly position the current left column into the center before positioning a 3rd column. Just not sure how to approach such a makeover. (And no, I don’t want to entertain the idea of using a whole new theme…too much work went into customizing Kubrick!)



    Yea, I tinkered with a bit in style.css and index.php.

    In style.css, everywhere there was a #sidebar, I made two copies and renamed it #sidebarRight and #sidebarLeft. I also played with the column widths: page width = 980px; narrow column width = 460px; each sidebar = 215px. This means if someone views my site in VGA resolution, they will have to scroll to see the whole width. I did not try to tinker with an automatically adjusting width to accommodate different screen sizes. I also instructed sidebarLeft to float left and sidebarRight to float Right.

    In index.php, I called <?php get_header(); ?> and <?php get_sidebarLeft(); ?> on the first two lines, and <?php get_sidebarRight(); ?> and <?php get_footer(); ?> on the last two lines.

    To make these calls work, I had to define new functions within the theme. I wrestle through that here: You can model these functions after the get_sidebar() function found in your /wp-includes/template-functions-general.php file.

    When the column widths are set properly and they are called in the right order, the columns will float to the correct position. The only time my format fails is when I post a picture that is too wide. Then, the right sidebar will float to the bottom of the page (just above the footer).

    I am sure there were other changes I made, but this was the heart of what was required to make the 3 column Kubrick work.

    I also am a css novice. I picked up what I needed on the fly from SAMS Teach Yourself CSS in 24 Hours by Kynn Bartlett.


    Kingjeffry, thanks so much for taking the time to write down this blow-by-blow account! It’s just the roadmap I needed. Much appreciated!


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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