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  • This developer offers outstanding support and a money-back guarantee, but together we could not get the plugin to work correctly on my server.

    I have lots of experience with table-rate shipping rules and have used a table-rate shipping plugin successfully for many years. I purchased this plugin because I thought our long-time table-rate shipping plugin had quit working with the newest version of WP. We need to have shipping costs calculated per item. Not a tough task.

    The pre-sales questions I asked were answered promptly. Downloading and installing the plugin and activating it with a license code went smoothly.

    When I couldn’t configure the plugin so it would correctly apply table rate shipping per item for a range of table rates (0-1 item, 1-5 items, 6+ items) the plugin developer answered my initial support ticket almost immediately.

    We went back and forth (including giving the developer access to the site admin) in an effort to correctly configure the plugin. Only the first table rate configured worked and was applied to all of the orders, regardless of the number of items. The developer tweaked the plugin’s settings on our site and I poured over the documentation.

    The developer eventually sent screen shots of our required table rates set up and working correctly on the developer’s server. However, the developer was unable to get the plugin to work on our server.

    The purchase comes with a money back guarantee and the developer refunded the $69 when asked. The developer offered to continue to help troubleshoot the problem via instant chat. However, our long-time, very reliable table-rate shipping plugin came back online after some tweaking.

    I couldn’t get this plugin to work correctly, but that doesn’t mean on another server with a different set-up this plugin doesn’t work. The developer’s support help is simply OUTSTANDING. The money-back guarantee is additional insurance. Set-up is not intuitive (the plugin could use some more built-in FAQ links), but I chose this plugin because it offers tons of built-in configuration options.

    Had we not gotten our long-time plugin working again, I have no doubt the developer and I would have been able to work together to either identify any conflict or coding problem. Whether we would have been able to get the plugin to work correctly on our server, I can’t say.

    My suggestion would be for the developer to offer a 30-day free trial as well as a money-back guarantee.

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  • Hi @adjunctadvocate,

    Thank you for the in depth explanation that you provided by you and taking the time out to rate us.
    Can you please provide us the ticket number with which you communicated with our support team? We would like to review our responses and check with whether we could have done anything differently.

    Hi Patricia,

    You wanted a rate of 8% on the total order cost. So , instead of keeping the cost per item as “0.08”, our team misconfigured it as “0.8” which resulted in showing 80% of total cost. This was the only issue and we confirm that our woocommerce table rate shipping pro is used by thousands of store owners to solve simple and complex shipping problems.

    It was unfortunate that you moved to another solution, However let us know if you need any help in future.


    As I said, your support is OUTSTANDING. Certainly everyone makes mistakes, but even after that mistake was corrected, the table rate was not applied when the item rule was triggered by a test purchase. Your team couldn’t get the plugin working on our site/server. This doesn’t mean the plugin isn’t worth buying, it means neither your team nor I could configure your plugin so that three table rates based on item counts worked properly when tested in the Woocommerce shop on our site.

    I hope you consider allowing a 30-day trial version of the plugin so users can test it before buying.

    Thanks, again, for your efforts!


    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have noted it. Given a chance, we are confident to configure the table rate shipping plugin for your requirement on your website.

    We regret to have missed the opportunity, Hope you will consider us again in Future.

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