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    Hello Tobias, one more time!

    Let me enjoy and ask you three things:

    1- Is it possible to display only one row or cell with a higher value?

    That is…
    [filter column cell with maximum value of a table and display]

    2 – Is it possible to compare one line with the other indicating that it is smaller or larger than the previous one with a text next to it?

    River Level at 1:30 PM | 350 rising (higher) |
    River Level at 1:20 PM | 330 Stable |
    River Level at 1:10 PM | 330 rising |
    River Level at 1:00 PM | 310 descending |

    This text from the second column (descending, stable or rising) I can replace with an icon up or down

    In this way, the second column compares the first line to the second line, and so on. There would be no need to display on all lines as in the example above. I just need to compare the first line.

    ย Level of the River at 14:30 – 350 Up

    Does it seem complex?

    3 – Do you have a better idea of โ€‹โ€‹displaying data from one line per day?
    My idea is to create a tide prediction chart. I already have all the navy data and it gives perfectly in the table (one die per line / day). Each day I would display one line (365 lines / year or 30 lines per month).

    A155 | Sat 16 Jun | 4h “low tide” 0,10m | 11h “High tide” 3,80m |
    A155 | Sun 17 Jun | 3h “low tide” 0,09m | 13h “High tide” 3,70m |

    The first column is the identification of the beach (point).

    My current idea is to install an event plugin and add a shortcode “Row Filter” with the filter “A155 || Sat 16 Jun” … So, every day related it displays a data, However, it seems to me laborious, a instead I will add many posts in plugin events.

    Do you have any idea if this was possible by script, jquery, PHP or some hook in the plugin itself?

    Type (sugestion)…
    [table filter-if-date-now id-cell = A155] or [table filter-if-time-now id-cell = A155].

    Thus, the shortcode compared the date in the system and displayed the related line. That way, I just needed a shortcode only, since the “Beach Ids” and dates were already inserted in the table.

    Any solution of issues already exists in your plugin? If not yet, is there any way, idea, suggestion of plugin, hook or anything that would facilitate the process?

    Any suggestion is appreciated

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    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    I see what you mean, but unfortunately, I can’t think of possible solutions for any of these three questions ๐Ÿ™

    The Row Filter Extension can only compare row data to a given keyword, but it can not compare table data to other table ๐Ÿ™
    Sorry for not having a solution here.


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    No problem, Tobias!

    I’ll try something here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Look, you spoke in your answer about “not comparing table data to another table”, actually my question would be on the same table. Did I already use this filter you mentioned? If you can talk more about this extension, maybe you’ll find a way. This filter mentioned by you also compares numbers?

    One more thing: how can I find a complete document on TablePress utilities and hooks? There are always a few things to ask and if they are available I will bother you less. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Today, for example, I wanted to be able to get a data that is in the table footer (sum of numbers) using the “filter line”. Before, it was without footer, and the data always increased, and to get it by the name of column “B37” I received another number. So I decided to activate the footer on the last line. But I do not know how to get the die.

    Anyway, I remain grateful for your commitment and dedication.

    I wish you a great weekend. Ah, It’s world cup! I’m rooting for my Brazil! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Tobias, look what I found on the internet:

    This is close to my “question number 3” ๐Ÿ˜€ He created a file template page.

    Now, I need to learn how to create a shortcode of this little code and, instead of weeks, create something that calls the day. So, if it’s week 19, creating the hook for the day, we’re on day 167 (ID of the beginning of the table row), so here: Instead of calling the table, I call a filter from the same table. Understood?

    Look at the table example on another site:

    I’m not a programmer. But for this item, I need to program myself, otherwise my project will not stay complete.

    I’m going to try this all week. Any help will always be appreciated ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    ah, that was a typo… I forgot the word “data”. So, the Extension can not compare data to the data in the same or any other table. Sorry.

    Regarding your links: The first one does not do any filtering, so that will not help at all.
    The second one does not use TablePress.

    So, most likely, you will really need a custom solution. Sorry for not having better news here.


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