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  1. happypenguin
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I have three subdomains (a b c) - each running separate instances of wordpress. What I want to do is combined these three instances into one instance on the main domain.

    How it would work: I submit something to (A, B, or C) and it uploads to the main domain but not to the other two subdomains. Essentially A, B, and C would be feeders for the main domain. Is this possible? Any hints, any guidance? I'm rather inexperienced, but crafty and resourceful!

    Much appreciated,

  2. This plugin might help (dunno if it works with 2.7):


    You should be able to take the feeds from A,B, and C and pull it into D as posts.

  3. happypenguin
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Will give this a shot - I just selected 2.7 for the heck of it btw. Would Mu be useful in anyway? Thanks for the input,

  4. Not sure: Don't know if Mu can have D aggregate the posts from A,B, and C.

    Check with the Mu forum http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/ they may have an answer for that.

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