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  • Alright: I’m having issues with designing my latest theme. I want to create something that has three fixed width columns both in a navigational bar and in the actual content section, but done purely with CSS. I’ve played with three columns, one liquid, before, but I can’t find my old CSS as a reference and nothing I’ve seen anywhere seems to work.

    Here’s the problem:, go to the theme switcher and select “Drive Away”. The navigation bar is all messed up (at least in Firefox) and I have a feeling if I add content to the third column in the content block it will be below the other two columns. I’ve tried playing with float: left and float: right and position: relative. I’ve tried various margin tricks. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Suggestions would be hightly useful.

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  • I don’t know if this is of any help, but I have made a three-column layout for a wordpress blog once, and this is what I’ve figured out what has to happen on the css side of things:
    For the div id you want in the center (I’m guessing that’ll be your blog content) give it a margin: auto attribute.
    For the two side columns, make them not as wide as the main part, and give them each float:left, and float: right attributes, respectively.

    Hope this helps,


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