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  • Hello,
    I am a MT user and am looking to move to WP. My question … are there a list of WP designs I can use? If so, where are they listed and are there three column designs available that “just work?”
    Thanks in advance.

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  • As I understand it Alex’s competition did not permit any editing of the index. Hence a dearth of three column entries. I do not think the link may prove to be beneficial.

    I believe Alex added one three-column stylesheet, but you may have to find an alternative template and add the function calls yourself.

    Ok, thanks.
    I am just looking for something to load and run with without having to recode anything.
    Would that site still be the resource?

    yes, there are some very nice designs.

    Ok, thanks. Someone said something about not being able to change them. Thanks!

    There are some nice designs, but AFAIK only 1 three-col one. If he doesn’t like that he’s stuck 😉

    @pgrote –
    If you don’t find what you are looking for, post back here and let us know your current site/layout. A basic rework of the index.php and wp-layout.css for 3 columns isn’t difficult, though it’s easier for fixed-width than dynamic-flow (I know ALL too well!).

    Hello all. I’m in the exact same predicament. I’d like to have a three-column format, but the one offered on the link above doesn’t include an Index file I can use. There’s a file called “dots” in the Zip, but there’s no extension, and the size is zero. It’s not recoverable from the Zip at all.
    Here’s a link to my site: as an example of what I’m using it for. It’s still on the MT engine. I’ll impliment WP when the new release is out next week, but I’m in the design phase right now. I’d like to have a “menu” column on each side of the articles is possible.
    Thanks for the great assistance on these forums. It’s much appreciated.

    The dots style is alive and well, and most certainly download-and-go. In fact, I’m using it (utf-8 site, you may end up seeing gibberish, but the point is the layout). See here for a brief on how to install the style.
    PS: yes I know downloading and just using someone else’s style is considered lame to some people. But I figured I’d rather be lame than to produce something that even I think is ugly — which I did, too many times. Maybe I’ll change that little “colunms” image or something. :~

    MovableType has just posted a great way to do a 3-col template on their site, I easily adapted it to work with WP.
    Incidentally, if you’re looking to make no code modifications, you should probably use a paid service rather than a powerful, flexible interface with a learning curve.

    alrescha, after all, we use the same blogging tool, albeit hacked a little, so sharing a template with another site is not lame. I’d even say it’s smart. Content over style for me anyday.

    In the rush to templates, may I just say that one of the key features of Word Press is the CSS. For many people upgrading to WP this may be a moment to at least contemplate the benefits of at least learning enough CSS to get by. Any type of third party installation is inevitably going to be familiar to readers and it may give rise to frustration, down the line if you can not change it. In my book the big drawback to templates is that none of them come with any type of explanation as to the specification and / or expected performance across platforms and across the range of browsers. From the postings in this forums that often comes as a surprise to the blog proprietor. It took me time to get my own blog in shape. It is not perfect but at least I have a handle on it and I can adjust. The knowledge gained on the other hand is a lifetime asset. When it is complete I will move the CSS out of the index back where it belongs and get it into semantic shape. As to three column blogs, they add a whole new level not only of complexity in their implementation but some difficult choices as to the specification. For example different colors in each column adds a different dimension. As does auto expansion to the longest portion. Bring em on by all means. But for a self confessed new starter they can be daunting.

    Thanks for the help with the design everyone. I used the “Dots” one that Alex King made as a base, and kinda went from there.
    Here’s what it looks like at this point:
    And I altered the look for the non-posting pages:
    Like here.
    This is a temp directory with the 1.2 candidate running.
    Overall, I’m really liking WP. I look forward to the full changover to full 1.2.

    @ alrescha. You might want to know that at least in my browser the content looks like a whole lot of question marks.

    Here is a 3-column design that I’ve been working on. It’s not totally done yet.
    I started with Alex King’s DOT template, but added a footer and made changes so that any of the columns can be the longest:
    Regards, Len

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