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    I have my mu site all setup, most issues are are resolved including signing up and registration. You guys have pretty much helped me throughout the whole thing, or at least made the picture more clear for me.

    I am using a few plugins to make it so when someone makes a new post it will automatically thread to my main blog on my homepage.

    Is it possible to create something or a plugin out there to allow me to also thread new posts from newly registered pages as well.

    For Example:
    New user joins my website and registers a new page ( The new user posts a test saying “Hello World” Is it possible to have Hello world thread to my main blog on

    Hope that is clear enough. The plugins I currently am using are:
    WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages
    WordPress MU Domain Mapping (don’t know how to use this one really)

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  • WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages does that. it collects all posts from all sites to your main site.

    do you know why it may not be working? it works if you create a username on the site but not if you create your own page. is there any extra steps i need to take? also pertaining to this is there a way to create network wide categories?

    Are we talking pages or posts? They’re different things.

    posts, sorry i meant like a blog when i referred to a page. So someone comes to my domain creates a username and then signs up for a “blog” with the wp-signup.php and posts on that blog. shouldnt it automatically go to my main blog on it isnt

    You mean the Hello World post doesn’t get replicated?

    I suspect that’s by intention, since it’s not very informative.

    well the Hello World post and any post after it that the user posts does not show. I could care less if the hello world post showed. I am concerned with what the user posts though.

    i want to thank you for your time as well.. you guys are awesome 🙂

    What the users post on their sites is collected on the ‘tags’ site. That is exactly what WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages does.

    Did you set it up correctly?

    i dont know i thought i did

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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