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  • Forgot to mention that I’ m not interested in using px, only em!

    Using em is causing that problem — em is a relative size and font size is inherited by child elements — so in each nested element, the size will be increased.

    BTW, I noticed that you’ve made a lot of changes to the style.css file — which is going to be a problem when WP is updated…generally recommended to use a child theme for any changes to theme files, especially for a default theme.

    You also have a bunch of mark-up errors on that page – so you may want to deal with those as well in case they are creating any problems:

    Yes I really need a childtheme, not sure yet how it works though. I tried it but didn’t work very well! I assume I need copies of all files and not just functions.php, and style.css, right?

    Most of my errors are from plugins, but is there any chance em will ever work for me if I fix those? Or should I be happy with px?

    Yes, you are asking for major problems by not using a child theme since you’ve made a lot of changes. Have you changed other files besides the CSS?

    The errors have nothing to do with why em does not work — it’s a function of the way the comments HTML code is done. Are you wanting to use em so it resizes on smaller devices? Probably going to be quite complicated to make that theme work that way, so you might consider finding a theme that is already coded for responsiveness.

    Yes I have done changes in several files, but last time I tried to use a childtheme — the stylesheet didn’t read for some reason. I might have forgot to link the new css-file, but I don’t know if it supposed to be needed if I use all codes in the childs css?

    I’m familiar with W3 validators since years back! I don’t pay much attention to it, neither Google does I suppose?! I just thought that those errors had an impact of using em as you mentioned it 🙂
    For now I just want to stuck with themes like Twenty Ten or Eleven, since I find them to be most compatible with many plugins I use etc.

    Both twentyeleven and twentytwelve are “responsive” so they would do more in that way. Some errors are not a big deal, others may be and it’s generally good to attend to them. They could make a difference in the functioning of your site and browser compatibility and can, at least indirectly, affect your SEO:

    Another interesting post from Google on validation of their own site:

    Personally, I put valid code high on my list of important quality control on any site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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