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  • I cross posted a question to the main forum that has a lot more traffic in it, and it has been deleted, I assume by a moderator.
    WHats the beef with that?

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  • Not sure what topic you cross posted, but posting duplicate topics is discouraged. If you want a topic moved to a different forum leave a post in the tread itself asking a moderator to move it.

    Thanks Michael, the topic which was being deleted is/was titled “user registration”. I’m assuming it was deleted as I posted the same topic to this group yesterday, but given the somewhat low traffic to this group, I posted to the main form this morning, and then noticed it had dissappeared.
    Still awaiting an answer, to see if WP will suit my needs, for my user registration system

    Okay–do you want me to move to another forum?

    If you wouldnt mind, and you wouldnt be offended, stick it into the How To/Troubleshooting, that has a load more traffic, just as long as I dont get shouted at for posting in the wrong forum.

    Moved as requested.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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