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  • I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 yesterday. Now when I try to edit a draft, the Save and Publish buttons flicker and the status bar shows thousands of items loading.

    During the upgrade yesterday, I received an error about the wp-includes > formatting.php file. I used the formatting.php file from 2.5 instead of the one from 2.5.1 to get it working.

    I didn’t notice the problem with editing a draft until today, however.

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  • Are you still having these problems? I’m having the same issue with lots of items loading and my Save and Publish buttons flickering while trying to edit

    I’m having the same problem. The Save and Publish buttons flicker and I think a tonne of autosaves are being sent to the server because the fan suddenly starts up and the machine gets overloaded and dies.
    Wordpress is installed on Ubuntu 8.04 but I think the problem could be in the browser I’m using (Firefox 3 RC).

    Can Anyone verify?

    Just to amend my previous comment. The browser doesn’t make a difference. I tried IE, firefox 2 and firefox 3 and they all give the flickering Save/Publish buttons and bombard the server with save requests. My 2.5.1. wordpress site is unusable! Surely this is a wider problem for more people?

    FYI: I fixed this problem by looking in wp-config.php in the root directory for my wordpress 2.5.1 install and noticing there was no definition for AUTOSAVE_INTEVAL. I added this:

    define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTEVAL’, 600);

    Afterwards, no more flicker. No more killing my server.

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