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    We noticed that all sites and emails services on our dedicated server were down due to a load of 150 … usually we are at .5 or lower. It turns out that there thousands of .core files being added to our /public_html/ such as core.100002. We also saw hundreds of processes for ewww related optimization such as /public_html/wp-content/ewww/blogs.dir/159/files/image-name.png.tmp.png.tmp.png.tmp and lots of variations with less or more .tmp’s added to the image name …. it seemed like there was some sort of loop occurring ….

    From our host:
    The account is still spawning new optimization processes. In addition to this the following file seems to be generating thousands of core dump files in /home/name/public_html:



    We deleted the /ewww/ folder and folder in /plugins/ for ewww to get our sites and email services back online …. when attempting to troubleshoot and reinstall plugin from scratch, we are unable to as we get the following error, “optipng: Missing gifsicle: Missing”

    Until previous update of 2.5.0, things had been working well ….. so not sure what to do with this or if others have had this issue but just wanted to pass this info along ….

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  • Diesel12


    Also, despite being able to reinstall the plugin, the .core file dump did continue until we deleted all ewww related folders in /plugins and /wp-content ….

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Check your server error logs, there ought to be something that would indicate why the plugin is throwing fits. If not, try turning on the debug setting in wp-config.php

    Also, please turn on EWWW’s debugging setting and post the debug information from the settings page.

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