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    I use Loco Translation in WordPress with a site language set to Bulgarian.

    When I open for editing the Bulgarian translation of WordPress core I see the Summary in different ways.

    On the Edit tab of Loco Translate it is:

    79% translated, 4,293 strings (897 untranslated)

    But on Source or File info tabs it is:

    79% translated, 4∓nbsp;293 strings (896 untranslated)

    The correct display must be:

    79% translated, 4 293 strings (896 untranslated)

    Thousand separator in Bulgarian must be blank space, but on Edit tab of Loco Translate the default ‘,’ is used and on Source or File info tabs the html code is displayed instead of blank space.

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  • Plugin Author Tim W


    Thanks for reporting the issue. I will look at fixing it for the next release.

    Plugin Author Tim W


    The current development version has two fixes for these two separate issues:

    1. Numbers showing “,” are generated in JavaScript which was not localizing numbers. They are now.

    2. The issue with “&nbsp” is that WordPress replaces the space to avoid wrapping, but I was unaware that this value was allowed to contain HTML. I have added a fix for this too.

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    Thanks a lot for this quick fix. I tried the development version and it works great.

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