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  • This is a general question regarding the release of WP 2.5. Since it is still in beta I figured it is suitable to post this here. If not please kindly move it and accept my apologies.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the release schedule for WP 2.5 for several weeks. I have been all excited for the release and each week in my podcast I have counted down to the 10th for the release.

    The 10th came and is now over on the eastern coast of America. WP 2.5 hasn’t come. It was two hours late and now I check to see the ETA has been moved back a week.

    I know there’s a lot of active tickets but I am curious as to why it is being delayed. At the heart of this question is a curiosity on the final stages of the process for releasing a new version of WP.

    I know that 2.5 is a major release and as such requires a lot of work. I’m not trying to complain or point fingers at anyone. Instead I have a desire to become informed.

    Does anybody know why 2.5 is delayed?

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  • I don’t know why it’s delayed, but I’m disappointed. I’ve been waiting all day for it! Took a nap, woke up on 3/11 and…no joy!

    However, I’d rather have an awesome working version than one that has problems…

    I’m also disappointed, cos’ I’ve been waitin for a long time for it!

    I hope that during this week they will realize how ugly is now dashboard, with it’s dark blue color… ;/

    From looking at some of the other posts on here, I’m kinda glad it’s been delayed. I think there are a few style issues that could be greatly improved with a couple extra hours of attention.

    I don’t think it’s been delayed because of the way it looks. Something bigger must be going on. Maybe it screwed up a few sites and they’re trying to fix that.

    Yeah, sorry if it sounded like I was implying that looks were the reason for delay. I’m just hopeful that, in light of the delay (for whatever reason), they’ll also have some time to look at smaller things that are bugging a lot of people.

    Why don’t you guys just run the beta version!

    I don’t run releases on my main blog unless they are final releases and guaranteed to be as stable as possible. That isn’t the case with test software.

    I am running the beta on my test blog. I never stated that in this thread, but did in the I don’t like the way 2.5 is going thread.

    That said there is a great article on weblogtools, which I found via the admin area of my blog, WordPress 2.5 Delayed a Week that is a good read.

    I do have a question to posit. This is going to come across as a snyde comment so I need to preface this by saying that I do not intend it as such. WP 2.5 has been delayed a week, thankfully it is only a week, but what will keep it from being delayed again?

    WP 2.5 is a big release with a lot of work done on it and a lot to do. There are 406 active tickets left to complete according to Milestone 2.5 on Trac. Volunteers can only get so much done in any span of time no matter how dedicated they are. Can they really get 400+ tickets resolved in the remaining 6 days?

    I’m cheering them on from the sideline, despite my concerns over the step backwards for the admin section and widget area in particular, in the hope that they finish the release by then. Unfortunately, I stopped holding my breath. I counted down to yesterday’s anticipated release for weeks on my blog and podcast. Then I had to write Impending Changes = WordPress 2.5 Update and Blue Host Webhosting and was saddened to write that. I much rather would’ve written an article titled “Impending Change: A New, Better, Kickass Webhost” plus a second article titled “YAY! WP 2.5 Has Arrived!”

    They MUST delay the v 2.5 and I hope they fix this “new” admin interface.
    Just read the “I don’t like the way 2.5 is going”.

    For all the guys/girls complaining about the admin interface, why don’t you try out the excellent ‘Fluency Admin for WP 2.5’?

    It’s available here: Fluency Admin for WP 2.5

    For what it’s worth, in my opinion it what the 2.5 admin panel SHOULD have been. Who knows, given some time, it might well do.

    I’m using it now on my 2.5 install and it works perfectly.

    We can wait a week more, if they need more time. WordPress is fantastic and there is no reason they should release too early and get bad feedback.

    kservik I agree with you that it is better to spend more time to get things right the first time. But, the lack of official communication (maybe via the dev blog?) caused me to create this thread. Even if the dev blog post only said “We’re still working on 2.5 to make it as good as possible. We expect to release it on March 17th” it’d be worth the time spent posting.

    Looks like there will possibly be another delay. Check out

    Yeah, the easiest thing to do by far is to just keep an eye on the development tracker:

    It offers a fairly objective view of how exactly the development is going. I believe it was at 61% complete a couple of days ago, so work has been pretty slow.

    I upgraded my development blog to 2.5 and it’s working fine as far as I can tell. NextGen Gallery and All-in-One-SEO are working fine as well. I’ll be upgrading my live sites as soon as it’s released.

    I really, REALLY like the new interface. It’s so much cleaner and faster. The only thing I’m going to miss is the drag and drop interface for widgets, but that’s ’cause I’m a Taurus and I fear change! 🙂

    Seriously, though – I like it. Kudos!

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