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    I have kept up with the SVN and noticed I was not getting any new comments. Apparently they have stopped. There are no error messages when posting and posts and GuestBook page are set to receive comments.

    If others who have kept current are not experiencing this problem, any ideas as to what may be the cause? I did move over to a new setup and did a reinstall but can’t think how that may have caused this one issue.

    Any ideas?

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  • No plugins?

    I disabled all the comment and spam related plugins and will probably, painstakingly, deactivate all plugins later when I have more time to reactivate them one by one.

    OK, I deactivated ALL plugins (and a nice feature would be the ability to activate/deactivate more than one at a time!! 😉 but still I get no love. Could there be a setting in PHP or Apache that I am missing? Seems a longshot since I can post new articles, but I am out of ideas.

    And they’re not just sitting in the mod queue, right?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’d start with the code.
    Delete it all and svn in a new lot ?
    Run a hash check – though that would be a supreme PITA with all the svn stuff.

    Right, posting a comment apparently actually do anything at all as nothing shows up in the database – marked as spam or otherwise.

    I backed out in the SVN to the date of the last comment posted and that didn’t work, either. Switched to the default theme, too. I wish I got an error somewhere!

    Well, I am giving up for tonight at least. I’ve dinked around with PHP, Apache and MySQL settings to no avail. Also swapped out wp-comments-post.php with an older, known to work, version but still no posting of comments. Probably something simple I am overlooking.

    In re-installing my programs, I did get a newer version of MySQL (5.0.16) but don’t know how that could be the problem. It’s a headscratcher.

    Apparently I am now talking to myself 😉 but I set up a MySQL log and did a test posting of a comment. Don’t know if that will help any gurus out there but I copied the results into …

    Just to close out, evidently this was associated with something within WP that got fixed as I just did an SVN Update and comments are working again.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Using MySQL 5 in strict mode by chance? We had a bug with MySQL 5 and comment posting that I fixed yesterday.

    I do believe dat be dee case. I couldn’t pin my problem down to an issue with WP specifically since I had re-installed everything (Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.) and all were newer versions. As far as I knew the problem could have been introduced in any number of ways. Glad the problem was found and fixed.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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