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  • Hey,

    I’ve just uploaded a new WordPress + eSPG gallery website to

    Any feedback/constructive criticism much appreciated.

    (Please note: have only tested in Firefox so far, so am aware there are still issues to fix in other browsers)

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  • Not too bad, Im am not liking the blurry image text. Make it mroe crisp. If ya need help with it email me. pgdsilva at site is

    Thanx for the feedback… which text do you think is blurry exactly???

    I really like water colors. Your artwork is excellent and so is your site. Looks fine in IE.

    They’re my mother’s paintings, not mine, but glad you like them!

    So, you built the site for your mom. You obviously have artistic talent, too.

    I agree, it looks really nice.

    jwurster, heheh… well i work as a graphic designer so let’s hope i do 😉

    I’m a little older than your Mom according to her bio. And I always appreciate it when my daughters do something for me. I also don’t think we compliment our children enough for the tremendous things they do. So, thank you.

    That is very kind, thank you 🙂

    Nice site. Couple of suggestions.
    1/ The horizontal navigation at the top is very light– bumping the contrast a little will make it more obvious and easier to use.
    2/ The fonts scale well. However, for those of us at 1400 and up, the initial start-size of the content text might be better a little larger.

    1/ Aseop, the top nav has been bugging me also. I think you might have a good suggestion on that front.
    2/ I’ve just got a new iMac with a huge screen and I see what you mean now about point size!


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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