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  • Hi all,

    Just started a new site ( using WordPress about a week ago. I’m new to blogging, php, css, et al. and am just finding my way around. I’ve tweaked the default template (Kubrick) a bit to suit my tastes, but haven’t changed much yet. I’d appreciate any feedback that you have to offer.


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  • While it’s recognizably Kubrick (not that that’s bad, mind!), it’s still nice n clean.

    Interesting subject matter too – I was especially interested in the articles on retirement savings and Toshiba’s batteries. I bookmarked you….

    Excellent content. May I suggest a darker background? It might help bring out the header and also provide a contrast from the main content.

    I just checked out the site and read with interest your two latest posts (and dropped a comment about one of them). While doing so, one thing became annoyingly evident.

    That darn Google ad. It obstructed my view of the article. Do you think there might be another place to put the ad so that while it is near the top, it doesn’t hover over the text the way it does now (Firefox, Windows XP, 1024×768)??

    Just wondering. The reading experience could have gone a bit smoother for me had it not been for that. Otherwise, nice site! Interesting content, I agree.

    Thanks for the feedback thus far. I will try to darken the background a bit. I am also planning on trying to make the header image a bit less tall.

    With regard to the Google ad, when you say that it obstructed your view… Which page? Front page, or on the single entry page (or both)? And did it actually cover the text? It’s supposed to be inserted between the first and second entry on the front page, and there’s supposed to be a pair between paragraphs 1 and 2 on the single entry page for those entries that were long enough to be broken with the <more> tag.

    I am using a Mac with FireFox, Safari, and IE and have not seen any instances in which the ads overlay the text. They shouldn’t and, if they do, I need to fix something.

    Thanks again for the feedback — keep it coming!

    I didn’t see a google ad at all, anywhere. FF 1.0.2….

    vkaryl: FireFox probably blocked it.

    Had it not been google, I would have thought so immediately. FF doesn’t block google inline ads on other sites I use, but if this is some sort of popup that would explain it, yes….

    Okay, I’ve darkened the background a bit and brightened the header image. I also hacked the <more> quicktag such that it opens to the top of the single entry page rather than to the point of insertion.

    vkaryl: Nope, no popups. Just regular old inline adsense ads.

    Jeez. I hate gremlins. There’s no reason for it then, the only stuff my FF is set to block is popups (other than some dodgy js stuff). Thing is get google inline adsense EVERYWHERE else. No reason at all yours shouldn’t show too. *sigh*

    I repeat: I HATE gremlins.

    [Btw, I am not getting any messages in re ads, ads blocked, questions re ads, etc. either. And when I view source, I DO see the adsense insert. Qu’est que c’est que ça?]

    Okay, a few more tweaks. I’ve shortened the header image a good bit and I’ve tweaked the background color again. I’d appreciate any comments that y’all might have about the latest changes, or about anything else that you happen to notice.


    Looks great. Don’t see anything dodgy at the mo’…. still not getting your google ads, not sure what’s up with that still….

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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