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    I’ve been wanting to put together a small directory listing site (similar to is there a plug-in that does this?

    If there isn’t a plug-in available, was this custom coding, or is there a way to get WordPress to be configured to do this?



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    There are different ways to go about creating a link directory using posts or pages. Here’s a simple tutorial that might help you get an idea. It’s a 2005 article, tags may have changed, but still a creative solution. Good luck.



    hi there, this links directory may give you a starting point,I’ve just got it running, read the setup instructions carefully.

    hope it helps.



    So would this be a theme change, or a plug-in?

    The ebrandmarketing link doesn’t seem to be working, so I can’t check that one out.

    The tutorial is a bit dated, but I think that it implies a theme change, but didn’t know for sure.

    Any extra inputs on creating a page (or post) that lists all the categories and sub-categories would be great.





    If it is a business directory you’re wanting we’ve got one running at Has to be said it is not as tight as it could be, and we’re still developing it, but we did it by extending user profiles and publishing them to a page when a user registers. Everytime the listing is changed the page updates. Then we use search unleashed to drive the whole thing which is the best compromise we could find. No idea yet how it will play with the search engines … Creating categories is the next challenge. Hope that’s useful.


    Just posted a plugin called Business Directory that allows you to publish a directory on your WordPress blog. Includes a submission page and control panel for managing your directory. Check it out:

    Nice plugin, will test it tonight! 🙂

    What I’ve been doing sofar is: putting up a new wordpress installation, then used category as geographic marker, tags as what companies specialize in, and “geo mashup” plugin to display the address in a Google map – displaying posts as information for companies using permalinks.

    What I miss in this solution is an ability to have a map with all companies displayed in one single map with links to each company-page, as well as having a more respectable main page than all the recent posts…

    Now lets check out this newplugin..

    // SNURK

    thanks. great plugin.

    Hello all,
    Here you can see how I did it:
    Go to Ecology info and then click Jobs button on top menu.
    I wanted to make a directory only on Jobs page, so I used a small trick. I installed RunPHP and then copied a small piece of code from sidebar.php (where it shows categories) to Jobs page, right there under my own text. Then I inserted &exclude= into that php code to exclude all other categories, and in sidebar.php I excluded my Companies category.
    Seems a bit confusing at start, but if you try it you’ll see that this way I can use standard WP categories to form a directory – easy to manage and no need for plugins except RunPHP.
    If you need further explanation, just ask me. Theese days I’m thinking of writing a plugin or something to help me choose which category to include to directory, and maybe with an option to automatically exclude them from categories in sidebar. Don’t know yet…

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