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  • I have several WP sites, and just finished upgrading the smallest one (wanted to start on the easiest one – in case there were problems). Good news is no major problems with the upgrade.

    Adding the static front page option was good. However, I do agree with one of the other posters about the links categories. I liked being able to easily separate my links. But I do agree that most websites and templates did not include coding that made it easy to use that feature. Guess I’ll work around that.

    But I do have a couple of suggestions. The new login screen is nice, but the text at the bottom isn’t very easy to read (not much contrast).

    My main problem is that I was really hoping for an improvement to the editing window for writing posts and pages. Several of the websites I manage are for non-profit orgs who need to be able to edit their own stuff and don’t have a huge amount of computer skills. Tool tips on the formatting buttons would be nice. I liked the way the old GUI let you switch between regular text and HTML coding. This one seems to work more like an HTML editor. Is there a toggle somewhere that I’m missing? Also, I’ve had a fair amount of experience with HTML, but I wasn’t sure what the tag was for.

    OK, I know I've listed a bunch of things here. My main point is that I really think 2.1.2 is not as user-friendly as the older versions were.

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  • Well, I guess I see now what the code tag is for (spaced my words apart above) Ha! That’s a new one on me!

    i miss the 1.5 days. I need the ability to sort my links.. they really blew that one. also, the new function to call links is no good (and changed from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2)!

    I feel like everything above 1.5 has been a big step back…

    OK – I think I’ve solved my problems with the rich text editor in WordPress 2.1.2
    After a little more research, I found the answer these three questions:
    1. How do I activate the rich text editor? The discussion at this url answers that question:

    2. I see the rich text editor; I can enter a title; I can’t enter any text. The following discussion answers this question:

    3. I think I want to use a different rich text editor. Here’s a discussion about that: best editor

    Hope this makes somebody’s day better!

    I personally am not all that happy with it. I have been getting new bugs and some older ones from previous versions are back. Nothing really terrible, more annoying and frustrating than anything. Like the bug from the past where backslashes were going in before apostrophe’s.

    Occasionally when I hit save on a post or page it doesn’t save. And then the worst one is when I get a page full of database errors saying that the database no longer exists. Seems as though 2.1.2 has put out too soon. I understand that 2.1.1 was hacked into and that they had to put something out there to resolve that, but damn…

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