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    I have used Lazyest Gallery on several sites and think it’s the best way to show images without having to load them into WordPress.
    I just activated the Eazyest Gallery 0.1.0-RC-4 on my test site and didn’t even want to proceed because of the upgrade page. Apparently it uses a custom post type for the images? How is that easiest?
    I recently went through an exhaustive search of the gallery plugins trying to find one that is responsive and does its thing with the least possible intervention. Most that fit this description override the [gallery] shortcode, which is by far the easiest.

    I was using Catablog on an old site to show 400 images from a project. I had to do an extensive conversion to remove the plugin and uses a different way to display them when I wanted to mix and match those images with some new ones. They were in a custom post type and I wanted to preserve the dates and titles. It would have been so much easier if they were normal images in the database, treated differently by the plugin.

    I hope you aren’t going down the same path with this new plugin. It should either
    1) not put the images into the database
    2) use the WordPress standard image post type if it does.

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  • Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Well, the upgrade page is maybe a little bit unclear.
    The images are NOT stored as custom post types. That wouldn’t be easy, that would be crazy. The images are stored as WordPress attachments and linked to folders. All images are part of WordPress media and can easily be inserted into posts.
    The folders however, are stored as custom post types. This opens a lot of possibilities for other plugins/themes to interact, because it uses all standard WordPress filters/actions.

    In displaying the images, the script also uses/overrides the [gallery] shortcode. Only in displaying folders, the folder custom post type generates the shortcode output. Other plugins that override the [gallery] shortcode (e.g. jetpack) can also alter the Eazyest Gallery folder display.
    This plugin solves a lot of shortcomings Lazyest Gallery has like:

    • incompatibility with sharing buttons plugins
    • weird permalinks
    • incompatibility with translation plugins
    • two separate image pools lazyest-gallery vs wordpress-media
    • use of propriety functions for image resizing

    That’s good news. You might want to make that more clear.
    Is it possible to run both Lazyest Gallery and Eazyest Gallery on the same site? Could I test Eazyest without messing up Lazyest?
    In Lazyest, I can FTP images to the folders and they are displayed. Does that work with Eazyest? How about deletion?

    One other problem that Lazyest has is the single gallery page (which you mentioned as weird permalinks). Does Eazyest do this also or was the upgrade page just asking about that page for conversion purposes?

    I hope you are thinking about the standard media feed from the beginning this time.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Sorry, you can’t run both Eazyest and Lazyest Gallery on one site. This is because WordPress renames image filenames ‘sanitizes’ on upload. Eazyest Gallery also renames folder names in file system to match the post title.
    Eazyest Gallery will find your images when you upload them by ftp. However, this is only in wp-admin, not in frontend like Lazyest Gallery. If you delete images by ftp, Eazyest Gallery will remove the attachments.
    You do not need a gallery page for Eazyest Gallery. The nice thing about the folders being custom post types is that you can access them everywhere, like posts. You may use shortcodes in posts and pages, but they serve merely as placeholders. The [lg_gallery] does work and is a good alternative if your theme has no compatible archive template for the gallery.

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