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  • I’ve been seeing alot of these lately, where the title of the blog entries are all images. Well, not just blog titles but it was all over the page. I wanted to have that also because I really want to stick with a font and if I use “just” the font, other users might not have it installed, inevitably, it would look crap.
    Anyone know where I can get one of those generators? Is it a plugin?

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  • I think you’d use GD Graphics Library and make it create an image which has the same text as your title/entry in your specified font 🙂 It’s just a wild guess, but if I am right you’d need some php expirence to do it.

    WOW, thanks Beel.
    I was reading the GD Library documentation and I did’nt understand a thing. I just hope I can have this thingy running. Thank s alot!

    I’m doomed.
    I can’t even find some sort of a read me what and how to insert it in the page.
    Now I’m looking for anyone willing enough so share their files, sample files, on how they made this plugin running. Maybe the php file where it was inserted and all other files needed. Please.

    So I have to upload a font and a png image.? Right?
    What about the Javascript? Is there such a thing or am I hallucinating?

    Its not working. It looks like this:
    [image]Test Title Here
    I am hosted on a free subdomain, if this has anything to do with it. Maybe I better sleep on this and get back on this tomorrow.

    I did saw that [image] thing. Tested it, and it failed again. I did created all those directories I saw on the code. And have one folder chmoded to be written. It failed again. But then when I’m trying to access that folder thru FTP, I get an error. I just rechmoded it and hitting “Refresh”, IT WORKS!!! Maybe it was a glitch, it was on 777 but I can’t open it.
    Well, thank you very much Beel. Another day, another thing learned. Thanks again.

    Oh, I think I won’t be diabling that plugin. 😀 LOL
    BUT, if I’ll be turning it off, all I need is to paste this:
    <?php if (function_exists(‘imageheadlines’)) the_title(‘[image]’); else the_title(); ?>
    on the
    <?php the_title(‘[image]’); ?>

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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