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  • No matter what I do, which plugins I install or uninstall, I can’t seem to solve the apostrophe problem I’m having on my blog. It’s at and I would REALLY appreciate some advice before I pull my hair out completely. It’s not just apostrophes actually but – aswell. They get converted into random digits and symbols. As a result my postings are sound very stilted because I have to always write ‘do not’ instead of ‘don’t’.

    Have contacted my theme developer on this who is not helping and says it’s not his problem. Ideas?

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  • Namaste,
    I took a look at this page:

    I have to agree with the theme developer. Your content itself is a huge mess on many pages. Just take a look at this awful code, which is for displaying only four words! “If you have not…”

    If<em></em><strong></strong> <strong></strong><em></em>you<em></em><strong></strong> <strong></strong><em></em>have<em></em><strong></strong> <strong></strong><em></em>not<em></em>

    This tells me that most likely you are cutting and pasting code from some application (or document) that has tons and tons of formatting in the text.

    Cutting and pasting may work. You could try the “Paste from Word” button in the editor, and that might clean out some of the crap. Look for the little “W” icon in the editor toolbar. Otherwise, you may need to paste the stuff you’re getting into a plain text editor to clean out the crap, and then paste it into the WordPress editor.

    Some of your articles seem OK. They must be made by a different editor person. 🙂 And the site itself looks very nice.

    Good luck, Dave

    thanks Dave, this is much appreciated! I’m not much a computer person, more a writer so this is all very useful. I occasionally cut and paste things if we’re selling somone else’s product – so that may be the trick! But it seems to happen anyway… so there’s obviously something else going on. Anyway, thanks!

    PS – just found the solution! It was a plugin called ‘Keyword Optimizer’ which was causing it. I deactivated every one and reactivated them one by one! Phew!

    Super… what a team. 🙂 And the truth is, the above funny code (with all the extra HTML) may look OK in the browser. I guessed (incorrectly) that the character entities came from the pasting. Still, using “Paste from Word” is a handy thing to know, and I use it when pasting from other things besides Word, too. I like things tidy. 🙂

    Good for you, promoting trips to India. Wish I could go.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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